King Neighborhood Association

General Meeting and Election Minutes

May 10, 2006

6:15 PM

Introductions were made, overview of agenda was given by Jennifer Jardee-Borquist


6:30 PM

Ingrid Gjestvang gave a presentation on how to throw a block party. She passed out block

party packets, and it was confirmed that King Neighborhood Association will reimburse

the party-thrower for the $30 barricade rental. One just brings their barricade rental

receipt and block party permit to NECN and fill out a check request.


6:45 PM

John Canda, Executive Director of NECN (Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods) gave

an overview on what NECN does. He described its role in assisting Neighborhood

Associations with referrals to programs and agencies. What makes NECN different than

other neighborhood coalitions is its outreach programs; including Trimet Rider Advocate

Program and Youth Gangs Program. John also is involved in the Gang Violence Task




Elections were held. Jennifer Jardee-Borquist explained King Neighborhood

Associationís Positions. Nominations were received, a final call for any nominations was

put forward, and the vote was taken. The results were as followed:

Chair: Jennifer Jardee-Borquist

Co-Chair: Ingrid Gjestvang

Secretary: Terri Pintarelli

Treasurer: Leslie Cormier

District 1 Rep & Land Use Chair: Erik Emerick

District 3 Rep: Christine Egan

District 4 Rep: Stefani Willis

Public Safety Chair: Jane Lucas

Allyson Spencer is the District 2 Rep has one more year, and there was no one from

District 5 present at the meeting, so that post remains vacant.



Brian Hoop from ONI (Office of Neighborhood Involvement) from the City of Portland

made a presentation on what is a role of a Neighborhood Association. The role of a NA

official states: ĎA Group of People organized for the purpose of considering and acting

upon any of a broad range of issues affecting the livability and quality of their

neighborhoodí. The general mission of a NA is to encourage communication and

participation between neighbors in matters affecting livability. A NA is organized to

address and respond to issues of public safety, land use, communications, and

transportation. Brian described many things a Neighborhood Association can organize

including Block Parties, festivals, and many have newsletters or websites. Brian

mentioned that there will be funds available soon to neighborhood associations for

communications or other qualifying events.



Stefani Willis gave an overview of a possible Fall Clean Up. Metro will provide vouchers

for dumpsters, and it will require volunteers to get the word out, and volunteers for the

day of the event. A sign up sheet was designated for those interested in helping out.



Officer Brian Sims from the Portland Police spoke about community warrants and Good

Neighbor Agreements, and how these are useful tools for citizens to help the police to an

effective and focused job. He spoke about recent successes of cleaning up certain corners

in King that have chronic drug problems.



Meeting Adjourned

Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Jardee-Borquist

KNA Chair

May 23, 2006