King Neighborhood Association – Board Meeting

Wednesday, June 14, 2006




Jennifer Jardee-Borquist- Chair

Eric Emerick– District 1

Ingrid Gjestvang-Co-Chair

Kerry Jo - resident

Ron Laster  - NECN

Leslie Cormier

Other residents

Christine Egan– District 3

Stefani Willis – District 4

Terri Pintarelli-Secretary

Other King Neighborhood residents




7:00  Jennifer distributed minutes from last meeting.  Ingrid noted some name spelling corrections; Pintarelli and Emerick. 




Minute review – no other changes.  Approved unanimously as written with amendments.


Job description discussion.  Jennifer passed out KNA bylaws with the Duties and job descriptions.  The group discussed the board roles; who are the board members, district reps, nominating committee, members at large, and other chairs.  Land use chair will oversee the land use meeting on the 4th Wednesday of each month.  A Grievance Committee will form if and when it becomes necessary.


Discussion topics:

  1. Stefani raised the idea of a neighborhood clean up event and suggested that the group identify the date for the clean up.  Tentative date decided for September 23rd, Stefaniwill check school schedule and other activities to ensure there won’t be any conflicts.  Timeframe suggested is 9-1:00.  Promoting block parties.  Be sure to let people know that KNA will reimburse for blockades. 
  2. Foot patrol and block watches.  Terry (neighbor) has been working with the police and other individuals to organize.  Block watch is a group of neighbors who organize and watch suspicious activities coordinate watch with other neighbors.  The outcome is that neighbors look for suspicious activity, record and report to police. 
  3. Group discussed the need to get more King neighbors interested in and to attend meetings.  Ingrid brought up the idea of sandwich boards to notify the public of meetings.  These signs could be placed in strategic spots in the neighborhood.  Stephanie suggested a foot patrol to distribute meeting notices to neighbors.  Ron suggested utilizing the local papers, such as the Scanner to publish meeting notices.  Also, Oregonians “O” section might be a resource.  Jennifer will check on the price of sandwich boards, and Leslie will look into the Oregonian and Willamette Week.  These notifications will be for quarterly general meetings.  ONI website was another spot suggested to post meeting information.  Jennifer will call cable access.  Terri will find out about posting on restaurant or other public bulletin boards. 
  4. Cease-fire event.  PSAC (Public Safety and), gun turn in activity.  Janis Lucas is our representative and will sit on our PSAC committee.  Table idea until next month, Jennifer will get more info on what the commitment would be for the KNA. 
  5. Bylaw committee.  NECN will assist KNA with the task of rewriting the KNA bylaws.  Some things for consideration are whether we keep district reps as oppose to members at large.  Motion made to purchase a large laminated map of the KNA area and dry erase pens so that attendees at the next meeting can mark the location of their home.  Motion made to reimburse Jennifer for this purchase of $22.00.  Approved unanimously. 
  6. Agenda item for next month;
    1. Brainstorm on bringing more people and diverse group into the KNA participation. 
    2. Ingrid and Leslie volunteered to head up bylaw committee.  C.
    3. Christine suggested discussing block party logistics in the next meeting. 
  7. 6:50 P.M. Ron gave the group information regarding land use and the planning commission.  Opportunity to provide input into planning at a grass root level.  Erik has information regarding this process.  Erik agreed to attend and represent the KNA. 


7:10  Gina Wooley and Ray Leary addressed the group with an update of the Vanport project.  Architects Marcus and Daisy also joined the developers in the presentation (Fred unable to attend).  Gina addressed the project’s three phases and benefits. Looking for subcontractor bids MWESB.  Held to “greening” the building… must be at least a silver level.  Middle block between Emerson and Shaver with a back partition on Garfield for residential.  As part of the Vanport Project the Marco building will be redeveloped.  Adding the “pad” building for commercial use.   Public Square and parking will also be included.  16 condos for retail and office use.  At this time the project has 84% committed occupancy.  Marcos explained the phases 1 and 2 which are now phase 1.  The housing will be phase 2 and next block phase 3.  Good neighbor agreement is being written for the PAC by the Vanport Advisory Committee, Francine, James, and John and the agreement will apply to all owners.  Ray and Gina will be involved with the property until the last unit is sold.  In July the agreement should be ready for KNA to approve.  Timeline; scheduled to start construction in September although this target may be moved within a 60 day window.  Expect business to take possession in 10 months.  Phase 2 plan will begin within 6 months of the close of phase 1. 


8:00 Jennifer called for adjournment. 


Next meeting:  July 12, 2006