King Neighborhood Association

Meeting Minutes for July 12, 2006


Board Members Present: Jennifer Jardee-Borquist,Erik Emerick,Stefani Willis,Janice Lucas,Leslie Cormier, Allyson Spencer

Other Attendees: Sheila Wilcox, Libby Upham, Nicolle Farup, Diane Hudson


6:15PM Motion was made to approve the minutes for the June 14th. Approved.


6:15PM Stefani gave a status report on the Fall Clean-up

The location behind the Police Precinct is fine to use for the Clean-up. Question was raised can we have multiple locations, and if we can get enough volunteers?


NECN Report: Jennifer reported that John Canda has resigned as Director the search is on for an interim, then permanent director.


Land Use Report: Eric reported attending three meetings; City Planning Commissioners round table: topics were infill, parking and transportation & green space and parks. It put ‘flesh’ in front of the commissioners. Some commissioners thought there were great ideas, commissioners will consider having  two meetings a year.


NECN Land Use Meeting @ La Bodega, traffic was a focus of that meeting. Discussion was focused on the history of the Land Use Committee.


Alberta Arts, King, Vernon & Concordia are trying to get together and form a voice. There is a new development at 20th & Alberta that is a 6 six story building. They are brainstorming to figure how to give a voice to the Alberta Arts development.


Public Safety Discussion:


There are two houses on Roselawn between 7th & 8th. The two houses have continuing issues including drug dealing and using, and prostitution. One house is managed by Infinity Property Management and the other is owned by PCRI. Discussion revolved around strategies to address the issues.


Motion to put status report on 7th & 8th Roselawn houses on Next Month’s agenda. Motion carried.


7:29 pm-Adjournment