King Neighborhood Association – Board Meeting

Wednesday, August 9, 2006




See attached sign-in sheet



6:00 Jennifer called the meeting to order and distributed minutes from last meeting. Introductions were made.


6:05 Board approved minutes from last month’s meeting with no corrections or additions.


6:05 Board reviewed and discussed the Vanport GNA.  Erik recommended that we bring up some concerns with the Vanport Committee regarding the construction part of the agreement.  Erik suggested that perhaps there should be a separate construction agreement.  This issue will be tabled until Eric reports back after attending the next Vanport meeting.


6:10 Committee reports.  NECN Report - Discussion regarding NECN’s interim director.  Jennifer reported on the NECN volunteers who will be uniformed and riding the buses from 2pm to 10 pm.  Also that NECN is providing neighborhood youth with skateboards and helmets.


Neighborhood  Clean Up – Stephani reported.  The clean up will take place September 23rd.   Stephani request volunteer help with the event and passed around a sign up sheet.  Also, Stephani asked for suggestions from the board regarding a communication plan for the clean up.  Jennifer will speak to Ron regarding cost of mailing postcards.


Land Use Report - Erik reported on the NE Neighborhood group… Land Use chairs from other neighborhoods.  Erik asked meeting attendees and Board Members to contact him if they would like to participate.  Project on Alberta and 10th – NE corner.  Limited info available at this time.  August 29th at 6pm Erik will tour some NE neighborhoods with the Vernon Neighborhood Chair and Debbie Bishop from the city’s land use office to review NE land use projects.


6:20 Stafford/Armstrong – Introduction on purchase of property on Shaver and MLK (old appliance location).  Project Armstrong Workforce Housing see attached for details regarding overview of the project and income qualifications for residents.  There will be 80 units, 6 floors high rental property built.  15-year plan may allow for condo conversion.  This project is for low income housing utilizing government grant support.  Will provide for 40 parking spaces under the building.  Parking fee is in addition to rent and will be secure.  Projected start date; February 2007.



7:00 Neighborhood Safety Discussion – Officer Brian Sims reported on the problems that took place on MLK Boulevard, Sunday, August 6, 2006.  The disturbance was due to the Low Rider Convention at the convention center.  Jennifer gave kudos to the Police Department who helped to orchestrate a successful post dance exit Friday night at the Boys and Girls club.  Officer Sims explained that there were Ti-Met buses on hand to take 20 youths at a time to prevent large crowds from forming.  Officer Sims provided information about prostitution and drug casing over the last week.  Sims encouraged the neighbors to report issues with not only the Police but with all applicable City agencies.  Sims introduced Greg Abbott, private attorney, who reported on the Roselawn houses issues.  Abbott explained the process for filing a civil law suits against owners of nuisance properties.  There is a City ordinance that allows for the closure of private homeowner’s use of property if the property has been documented as a chronic nuisance. It is complicated for the City to take this measure due to other protection for private property owners. Personal law suits can be brought by private citizens.  Currently Greg has a case against a house in Kenton that he is pursuing on his own at his own expense. 


8:00 Meeting adjournment.