King Neighborhood Association

Board Minutes

September 13, 2006



Introductions, motion to approve minutes, motion approved.


Clean-up committee report, Stefani received anonymous email that we had the clean-up planned for Rosh Hashanah.


ONI Neighborhood Small Grant Program discussed, planned a brainstorm to determine what KNA should use the grant (if received for). Some ideas:

            Sandwich Signs


            Historical Fair


Wayne Armstrong and Sue came to give an update on the 4011 NE MLK property for their Workforce Housing. They may have 84 Workforce, 60% of Median Income (1 & 2 Bedroom Units), Add 4 units of live/work space facing MLK, may utilize an eco-roof. They are considering Leeds certification. Next meeting they may have preliminary plans. They want it to be a good landmark on MLK. Parking is going to be a challenge, trying to flush out alternatives. Flex car spot can be considered. There will be a bike locker internally in the building. There will be additional storage for each of the units. They may also have a community room.


7:02PM: Motion to adjourn, motion carried