King Neighborhood Association

Board Minutes

October 11, 2006


Jennifer was absent due to family emergency, Ingrid chaired the meeting.

6:00 PM - Introductions, motion to approve minutes, motion approved.


6:10 PMStephani gave an update from the neighborhood clean-up. She thanked

volunteers and reported a $715.00 profit from the event.


6:15 PM – Ingrid introduced the OHSU nursing students who joined the meeting to

explain their work on a neighborhood assessment for a museum community center



6:15 PM – Architects from Deca provided an update on the Workforce Housing project

planned for MLK boulevard location. They presented the architectural drawings for the

buildings and landscaped areas. Loose timeline for building is begin end 1st quarter 2007

with 13 months to build. Neighbors asked question and Deca committed to keep in touch

as project progresses


7:30 PM – OHSU Nurses gave their presentation of community assessment project. They

queried the group regarding their interest in a museum/community center as a place to

provide health information to the community. The nurses are working with Willy and

Celeste on their project.


7:45 PM – Ingrid introduced the neighborhood small grant discussion. She provided the

group with a summary of the grant opportunity. The recommendation for grant

submission is to create coalitions with other neighborhood groups for diversity. The

grants available run from $100 - $10,000.00. KNA is eligible for $25,371.00. The group

discussed the possibility of recruiting a grant writer, perhaps from PSU. Francine

mentioned that there are many grants available, such as the historic highways grant.

Members of the Miracle Club were present to discuss the possibility of writing a joint

grant. Members of the Miracle Club provided the group with a summary of their group’s

purpose and activities. They invited everyone to come to their dances each week end.

The group brainstormed a bit, and then Ingrid and Christine Egan scheduled a separate

meeting to work on the KNA grant.


8:00 PM - Motion to adjourn, motion carried