King Neighborhood Association

December 13, 2006



6:00 pm Introductions were made, minutes approved by Jennifer and Ingrid


Susan Asam and Wayne Armstrong discussed the 4011 NE MLK building:


Bike parking is available for every unit

60 one bedroom units

24 2 bedroom units,


Parking once again was mentioned as a concern as there is only 32 parking spaces. Those parking spaces will be rented on a first come, first serve basis


Criminal background checks will be done on every tenant.


There is no specific section 8 housing requirement, although they cannot deny someone specifically for having section 8.


The outside materials will be concrete, top will be metal panels.


Management will be onsite 24/7, an on-site manager who lives there, and there will be a management office that will be staffed during office hours.


Insulated windows to help the sound. Parking is secured and locked.


Officer Sims raised the concern about parking, and specifically about car break-ins. He said that some issues can be addressed with tenant training.


Glenn White raised the concern about no African Americans are working on the projects. Wayne Armstrong, the developer mentioned that he has tried repeatedly to get minorities working on his projects, but it comes down to the lowest bidder.


Susan stated that they will be doing outreach to minority businesses. Erik suggested that James Posey might be a good resource. Christine said that PDC is a good resource they have names that are minority.  Armstrong/Stafford is a member of OAME. The more people in our neighborhoods who work on it, the better invested.


Officer Sims suggested working with Crime Prevention through Environmental Design. Karen suggested to keep bushes trimmed to promote a safe environment.



GNA will be set in place with this development.


Glenn talked about the Miracles Club, and made a presentation about what they do, how they help not only addicts, but they reach out to youth with fishing trips to learn about the environment. He said about 500-1000 people come through every week. Most everyone who comes to the club lives in the neighborhood. They are known throughout the country as the most progressive clean and sober club.


Glenn passed around a flyer to fundraise for the down payment to purchase the lot. Working class people started the Miracles Club, and they goal is to purchase a building.  Susan suggested Spirit Mountain Foundation, Meyer Memorial Foundation.


Erik is planning a meeting for the residents on Garfield Avenue residents for the Vanport, first week in January to discuss the 24 hr Fitness development on MLK between Alberta & Sumner streets.


Erik announced that the next Vanport meeting is January 17.


7:08 Meeting Adjourned