King Neighborhood Association

Board Minutes

January 10, 2007




6:15 PM – Meeting was called to order by Ingrid.  Minutes were reviewed and a motion to approve submitted.  The minutes were approved as submitted.


6:20 PM – Introductions were made around the room and a sign in sheet circulated.  See attached.


6:25 PM – Board member voted on and approved the KNA letter of support for the 4011 Building.


6:30 PM – Erik was not present to present the land use update.  Ingrid provided an update on the Vanport project in Erik’s absence.  A discussion between neighbors, Vanport developers, and PDC was held the previous Saturday.  At that time Ray Leary asked that the neighbors put a list together of their concerns surrounding the 24 Hour Fitness developments.  The next Vanport meeting scheduled for 1/17. 



6:40 PM – Members moved to push vote on purchase of Sandwich Board purchase to the February meeting.  Motion approved.


6:45 – Officer Sims update on neighborhood police and safety activity.


6:55 PM – Move for adjournment, motion carried.


The board accepted Stefani Willis’s resignation as District 5 Representative and wish her and her husband lots of luck in their travels abroad!