King Neighborhood Association

General Meeting

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


6:10pm Meeting was called to order, since quorum was not met, we started                                           reviewing the changes to the By-Laws.

6:35pm             Quorum met, voted to adopt amended By-Laws.

6:40pm Voted to accept February Minutes

6:45pm Jennifer gave an update on the NECN’s Youth Gang Outreach fundraiser,        

                        it was well attended, and close to $1500 was raised for the YGO.


                        Allyson gave a brief presentation of Spiffin’ up MLK Jr Blvd. The event is                     happening April 28, 2007. Sponsored by NNeBA with the help of PDC,                             Friends of Trees, SOLV and MLK businesses and organizations. Both                               Node Captains and crew leaders are needed, as well as general volunteers.                               More information to come at the April meeting.


                        Miracles Club Report-Owner offered to sell it to MC. City Council gave                                   MC 500K. PDC is assisting to find a location, and what’s been proposed is                        4200 NE MLK (between Mason & Skidmore).



6:50pm Elections held were. Results follow:




Ingrid Gjestvang- Resident


Erik Emerik- Resident

At-Large #1

Leslie Cormier-Resident (one year term)

At-Large #2

Allyson Spencer- Resident

At-Large #4

Janice Lucas-Resident

At-Large #5

Glenn White-Miracles Club (one year term)



7:00pm             Planned Parenthood Presentation


Tim Ray (Beech Street Partners LLC) stated that he wants to build the new regional headquarters of Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood would own this building. Lower floor will be mixed-use with retail. They are planning on building a quality green building. Proposed previous tenant was not as good fit as Planned Parenthood. Tim said one of the problems with MLK blvd is that development has been slow-moving. Planned Parenthood brings in 150 staff everyday. Shops that are there, such as Hanna Bea’s will benefit from the economic infusion as well as future businesses. Beech Street Partners LLC is working with the Islam Community to share parking. They are hoping to expand retail space to 8000-9000 sq ft.


Question: What kind of neighborhood reaction so far?

Liz stated that everyone has talked to several neighbors who all seem favorable. Planned Parenthood yearly has118,000 visits, 3600 abortions. Preventing unwanted pregnancies is by far what the do.


Planned Parenthood has been in NE since 1968. NE clinic is open 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, and they cannot keep up with demand.


Question: Who are you providing abortions to?

Nine clinics provide abortions.


Question: Allyson asked when they will provide abortions?

They provide them during business hours.


Allyson stated two concerns: With regard to revitalization of MLK. PDC has held onto these properties, and is now selling them only because the market is up. There have been missed opportunities for people who wanted to locate, and unable to because they were not able to afford it. She is concerned about potential picketers that it would be a distraction on MLK.


Liz stated that there has never been picketers at the Wild Oats location on 15th and Fremont.


Allyson also expressed concern because she feels there will there be a discouragement in the black community because they won’t want to be seen entering the clinic.


Tim wanted to address, one block north is Failing St. that drugs and hookers are prevalent, and a distraction to the community. Glenn has been trying to get the focus on cleaning up the corner.


Allyson asked Tim if he lived in NE, Tim answered, yes and his office is on NE MLK & Failing, and is very familiar with the issues in NE.


Question: Christine asked layout out on of the building.

There will be a discreet entrance from the back and the front.


Glenn brought up the availability of parking, and noted that Billy Reed put underground parking.


Planned Parenthood will build a green building, and provide bus passes. Hire from the community, and really get minorities to participate in the building, and also as clinic staff.


Question: What type of retail?

Restaurants and the like.


Christine noted on a positive side, more office workers to use the businesses to infuse the community financially.


Completion date is currently January 2009. Planned Parenthood wants to raise 12.5 million dollars. Two million committed right now. Some of that will be to implement electronic health record software.


PDC is not subsidizing this transaction. There is no tax-payers’ money going into this project, the developers are buying this property at market rate.


Glenn noted that he has lived in the community since 1991. To not see African-American people working on the millions of dollars worth projects in the community is really discouraging.


Liz wants to exceed minority expectations. The company they have selected to do construction (Walsh) has a great record on exceeding expectations of hiring minority businesses.


Glenn said that you need to know your neighbors. We all should share the same common goal to build the safest community. We need to encourage kids to stay in school, so they can have hope.


Joanne Daunt asked if we would support the proposal.

Question: Does the Board want to write a letter of support? Some feel they need more information on actually providing a letter of support.


Motion to support the process of the outreach of the development, seconded. Motion carried.


More discussion on having minorities participate in the construction. PDC policy is good-faith effort, and unfortunately the developers need to go with the lowest bids, and that is sometimes not the minority business.


Question: Would this project be under this policy? DDA states would achieve those levels, even though they are not required to.


Has a traffic study been completed?

No, but there will be at least 50 parking spaces.


Joanne mentioned that in the DDA will have a transportation consultant to how this site will work effectively with the neighborhood. Plan must be in place. Because of the additional workers coming into NE, bus service will be increased.


Allyson noted that there has been a lot of scrutiny to the Vanport project, and she hopes that level of public scrutiny will be on this project. Jennifer noted that the big difference between Vanport and Planned Parenthood is that there in no tax-payers’ money going into the Planned Parenthood project, that it’s a private development, and Vanport has been fraught with what seems to be a lot of waste.


Joanne asked if we would support of the sale of the property? KNA Board will discuss this further at the next meeting.


7:45pm             Adjournment