King Neighborhood Association

Board Meeting

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


6:30pm Meeting was called to order and introduction were made.

6:35pm             Reviewed and voted to approve March Minutes.

6:40pm             Erik asked about how the KNA letter of support for the Planned Parenthood project were presented to the PDC.  He expressed concern that the both letters may not make it into the public record.  Jennifer explained that she presented both letters to the PDC although only read the letter of support which was agreed to on an email vote of the board.  In the letter of support it was stated that the vote was not unanimous, yet the majority of the board members did support the project.  A second letter was submitted that stated the dissenting board members views.

6:50pm             Jennifer made a motion to enter the letter both letters regarding the Planned Parenthood project into the month’s minutes and record.  The motion was seconded and approved.

6:55pm             Simone Goldfitter, a local property owner and resident of NE Portland asked the board if she could present her building plan to the board.  She was at the meeting because she is asking for modifications to the building set back requirements from the city.  She presented drawings of her plan for a “skinny house” to be built on a vacant lot located on NE Shaver.  The property is mid-block and measures 20x100ft.  She can build as is because the lot has been “grandfathered” but the setback modifications will allow her to build a more attractive house, less high and a few feet wider and longer.  Question for board member: What will be in the front?  Answer: Native plants.  Q: Why side entry instead of front? To make better use of space, for privacy, and design.  Q: What will the outside materials consist of? A: Not decided, probably wood with metal roof, hopefully wood clad windows.  The Board thanked Simone for her presentation.

7:10pm             A motion was made to reimburse Jennifer for 15 copies at Kinko’s, cost; $173.55.  Leslie seconded the motion.  The submission for a check will go to NECN who will cut the check from the KNA funds.

7:15pm             The board discussed the SOLV event to take place the following Saturday.  Jennifer noted that anyone who wished to participate should meet at the Friends of Trees meeting spot.  More info at

7:18pm             Will Steven’s from Housing and Transportation office was introduced.  Will was at the meeting to answer questions regarding the Vanport Project traffic concerns.  Will explained that traffic calming measures are only initiated when an actual problem has been identified.  Traffic studies are conducted for capacity analysis, predictive analysis and are based on past like developments.  Will gave the example of the proposed Home Depot development planned for the old 24Hr Fitness in Hollywood.  That development was denied based on the traffic analysis.  Will explained that his responsibility with the city is for access management and access safety.  He suggested that the Vanport developers and the city join into a partnership to address any issues that arise due to changes in traffic patterns and volume.  As partners the city will make recommendations and the developers are responsible for paying for the modifications.  Modifications could come in the form of curb extension, circles, speed bumps, and refuge islands.  PDOT will pay for traffic studies on the streets requested by the Vanport Advisory Committee.  The schedule is for the Vanport Advisory Committee to provide Will this information.  Will committed to the KNA Board that he would report back after the analysis is completed but noted this wouldn’t be for several months as they do two counts with 90 days between counts.  Jennifer asked Erik when the 24 Hour fitness at Vanport was to begin construction.  Erik stated Fall 2007. 


7:45pm             Erik provided a Vanport update:

7:50pm             Karen suggested putting Glen’s concerns of small markets selling drug paraphernalia on a future meeting agenda and writing a good neighbor agreement to be presented to the store owners.

7:55pm             Jennifer mentioned the upcoming General Meeting.

8:00pm             Motion to adjourn.  Moved and meeting adjourned.