King Neighborhood Association

Board Meeting

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


6:30pm Meeting was called to order and introduction were made. Special visitors

included Warren Fish with Jeff Coganís office (Jeff is the County Commissioner for District 2) and Robin Denburg from

††††††††††††††††††††††† NECN.

6:35pm ††††††††††† The group reviewed and voted to approve April Minutes.

6:40pm†††††††††††† Robin Denburg introduced himself to the group.Robin is with NECN and attended the meeting to gather information regarding the groupís needs and concerns and to provide information regarding his role and what the other neighborhood associations are doing.Top issues for most neighborhoods revolve around crime reporting and development.Robin explained that KNA and their neighbor Grant Park have many of the same issues and concerns.He suggested the associations consider cross neighborhood partnership for guiding process and planning.The group discussed the problem of nuisance and drug houses.Robin reminded the group that concerns should be phoned into Celeste with ONI.Her number is 503-823-4574.Glenn made the point that often the problem in these houses are generational and the elderly grandparents who owns the house arenít in control or arenít aware of the unlawful behavior.Glenn cautioned that the community should be empathetic and compassionate when dealing with these people.The group asked Robin for the details of what happened at the last Thursday on Alberta, April 26th.Robin said he wasnít there but had heard that an intoxicated crowd became unruly and a fist fight erupted.When the officers responded a shuffle broke out and one of the crowd picked up a dropped taser.At this point the officer drew his weapon.Although no one was seriously injured this incident has spotlighted the need for Alberta business owners to begin taking some responsibility for crowd control during the last Thursday events.Robin said a group of business owners were meeting 5/14 to discuss these issues.Robin complimented KNA on their plan to purchase and display sandwich boards in order to announce monthly meetings in the hope to increase citizen involvement with the association.Jennifer said that KNA would like to put out a newsletter but that the postage is very expensive.Robin recommended sponsoring an event, perhaps in the fall and going door to door to ask for interest and participation.He said KNA could utilize other service groups and schools to help get the word out.Just going door to door can inform neighbors that they can have a voice in both crime prevention and development issues.Glenn suggested posting notices at Safeway and New Seasons grocery stores. Robin said he is looking for Land Use and Traffic Safely representatives.Call 823-4135.

7:30pm†††††††††††† Jennifer informed the group that she will write a letter regarding de-districting the association as part of the Finance Report.


7:35pm†††††††††††† Glenn gave a report on the Miracle Clubís progress on a youth fishing trip.He has support from Sherman Williams but hasnít heard back from GI Joeís.Terri suggested putting together a neighborhood fishing gear donation day to collect rods and reels for the kids.

7:45pm†††††††††††† Jennifer called for adjournment.