King Neighborhood Association

September 12, 2007

Meeting Minutes


Attendants: Jennifer Jardee-Borquist, Shirley Vidal, Karen Trappen, Leslie Cormier, Cathy Clemens, Toddy Morey




6:45pm-Cathy Clemens, who participates in the Act for Action-Theater for All from the Inside Out spoke about how the group has received a Small Grant and would like to get the word out about their performances and workshops about mental health and community. Jennifer will contact Dennis LoGiudice to get in touch with Cathy regarding a potential for a NE Coalition sponsored workshop.


7:00pm-KNA has an opportunity to have the NE Coalition partially pay for a postcard to help us build capacity and get more people involved. Since quorum was not met, Jennifer will email the board to see if they would like to pay between $400-$500 for the mailing.


7:15pm-Todd Morey, who is working with two partners to open The Radio Room on NE 11th Avenue and Alberta discussed the restaurant’s progress. The remediation of the soil has taken place, the old gas tanks have been cleaned and are now going to be used for storm water retention. The Alberta side will have planters and a patio, and the 11th Avenue side will have bicycle parking, There will be no off-street parking to encourage it to be a neighborhood restaurant. The hours will be 9am-midnight 7 days a week, with a happy hour from 3pm-6pm everyday. The type of food will be ‘elevated blue collar American’. Todd would like to continue working on the Good Neighbor Agreement with KNA.


7:36pm Adjournment