King Neighborhood Association

October 10, 2007

Meeting Minutes


Attendees:  Leslie Cormier, Shirley Vidal, Ingrid Gjestvang, Karen Trappen, Cathy Clemens, Todd Morey, Terri Pintarelli, Sara (PDC), Herman Bryant, Shannon Callahan (City of Portland), Rachael Ancliffe, Allyson Spencer, Kevin Scott, Robin (NECN), Guy Bryant. 


6:30 Introductions and September minutes approved. 


6:35 PDC Report:  PDC suggested that the developers of the Planned Parenthood going in on Beech and MLK attend the KNA November meeting to discuss a Good Neighbor Agreement.  Also, PDC is looking for a KNA rep to join the Urban Renewal and MLK Advisory committee.  There is a spot open on each committee.  The Gateway Historical Marker project will be getting underway soon, PDC is looking for input.  Ivy and Grand Warehouse are going to RFP. 


6:50 Miracles Club Report:  The M.C. has a request into the City Council to extend the Urban Renewal Boundary to include the property where the M.C. is hoping to build their new facility.  The hearing will be held on October 24, 2007.  If approved the M.C. will be eligible for PDC funding.  The plan for the facility will be multi-purpose and will include 34 residence apartments, a restaurant, Community Center, offices (future for peer services).   M.C. is working with Guardian Management on the project.  Allyson asked if these boundary moves were arbitrary and suggested that other people had not been granted the same change is status when requested in the past.  Sara responded that zoning and funding are an issue when expanding the boundary, and that MLK is RH zone and will be used for high-density housing.  NEC comprehensive plan for citywide land use meeting scheduled for 10/16.  Sara requested feedback from the board regarding the boundary amendment.  Allyson requested that PDC know that KNA is supportive of PDC’s plan to extend the boundary for M.C. but that the some board members are aware of past request that have been denied.


7:10 Kevin Scott, representing the Calvary Christian Church, requested support for the church’s homeless program with ongoing activities; donations, volunteering time.


7:30 Robin with NECN informed the group about Boeings intension to open a facility at the Portland Airport.  They’ve applied for a painting permit that would allow them to release smog-causing chemicals, known as VOCs (volatile organic compounds) into the air of surrounding neighborhoods.  Cully-Concordia Neighborhoods have united to fight Boeings, and plan to engage the DEQ.  Neighbors want 100% capture of emissions.  The technology to do this is available and is required in other states, such as California.  Robin urged the King neighbors to call DEQ.  The process for permitting is only 2-4 months.  Karen proposed a motion that the KNA oppose the permit be issued without capturing VOCs.  Ingrid seconded the motion, all remaining board member voted in favor.   


8:00 Guy Bryant introduced himself to the group.  He is a homeowner and property owner in the King Neighborhood.  He is planning to demolish a house that he owns at 5239 NE Garfield, and built 4 row houses in its place.  He presented drawings of a development he did previously in another neighborhood, and plans to do a similar design on Garfield.  The units will be Craftsman style to fit the neighborhood.  They will have a garage in back of each unit.  Each unit will be 1800 square feet and have cedar siding and hardwood floors.  He plans to build in 6 months to a year but will keep the existing house rented in the meantime. 


8:15 Robin with NECN mentioned the small grant deadline is November 1st.  He is looking for a volunteer from the King Neighborhood to sit on the land use committee.


8:30 Meeting adjourned.