King Neighborhood Meeting

January 9, 2008


6:30 Jennifer opened the meeting.  The Board and attendees approved the January meeting minutes.


6:35 Rupert Dallas from Ethos introduced himself, Ecos consulting, and their work with N.W. Natural to provide affordable energy efficiency program.  For more information on the program residents can dial 866-513-8274.


6:40 Debbie with PCRI introduced herself and their program to provide affordable housing.  The group has been in existence from 1992 and is part of the Portland re-investment initiative.


6:50 Jennifer opened up a dialog to discuss ideas for the board regarding what do neighbors want the association to do. 

            Janice reminded the board that they had been working on good neighbor agreements with local convenience stores, and suggested completing that project.

            Other ideas discussed were capacity and retention ideas for getting residents to attend and participate meetings.  (Post card mailings).

            Another participant mentioned the “Good in the Neighborhood” event that is held annually in the July timeframe.

            Other ideas for neighbor participation:  SOLV, Mayor Potter at Jefferson High School.  The suggestion was made to post these types of announcements on the NECN website so that people get the information in a timely manner.  Joe offered to assist with the process.


7:05 Timothy Ray gave the presentation of the architectural design for the Planned Parenthood project.

            The following were concerns voiced by the neighbors in attendance: 

·       Is there adequate parking, what will the impact be to the neighbors.

·       Traffic flow    

·       Lighting and Security after business hours

·       Fencing – concerns about esthetics

·       Set back on the sidewalk sufficient for foot traffic with consideration that there will be protestors on the sidewalk.


Joanne with the PDC explained that a traffic and parking study will be conducted.

Tim Ray and the PDC asked the association to provide sign a Good Neighbor Agreement.  Draft copy provided for review.  They requested the letter be approved by May/June timeframe with a list of concerns.


One association member suggested that PDC provide a report on developments benefits to the community and how these targets are being measured and met.

A committee was established to review the GNA and make recommendations to the board.  Joe Gum and Allyson Spenser volunteered to be the committee.


A movement was made by Jennifer to accept the architectural designs presented by T. Ray.  The board voted and accepted the design unanimously.


7:50 Brandon asked about the Garfield houses for sale by PDC.  The houses cannot be sold to developers to flip or go into the multiple listings.  Brandon requested that the Board ask the Vanport developers to provide the KNA with an update on the project.  Jennifer agreed to arrange for the update.  January 24th is the grand opening of phase I and a post card mailing went out to the public. 


7:55 Janice alerted the neighbors to a break in that occurred over the holidays on Sumner.  The intruder used a ladder that the homeowners had left accessible in the yard.  Janice also mentioned that the Mt. Tabor maintenance crew is looking for volunteers.  Terri announced the Gentrification Listening project that is being sponsored and held monthly by ONI.  For more information call Judith Mowry at 503-823-4114. 


8:00 Meeting adjourned