King Neighborhood Association Minutes:

February 13, 2008




6:30: Introductions and minutes reviewed. Motion to approve minutes, seconded and approved.


Graffiti Abatement: The City is hosting a graffiti abatement program. Trace Salmon explained they are various forms to fill out. Jennifer will email the KNA group to get at least 10 neighbors to work on May 17, which is the date that the city has reserved for us.


Ray Leary presented us with a Vanport update. Regarding the condominiums: 10 are closed, 4 will close this month, and there are 3 vendors who want the remaining 2.


Phase II: The developers have asked PDC for a delay on the housing because of the downturn of the market. Hopefully they will be breaking ground in Spring 09. Sixteen town homes, 1300-1300 sq ft. priced at market rate. The developers have been talking with City to subsidize some of the homes to bring families into the townhouses. There are some resources that will buy down the cost of the home.


Phase III: Fitness club on the south block, they have a signed letter of intent from a 24 hr fitness. After the economy went soft, 24 hr fitness began to re-trade on the deal. The competitors were aware of the situation. So, now there are 2 fitness centers interested in the site. They anticipate a nine-month permitting process, then 12 month build out. Once they get a signed lease. None of the square footage has changed. Parking garage will remain the same, although they may go underground to get more spots. 9000 sq ft of retail will be on Alberta instead of Sumner. There is also a grocer who is interested that the fitness centers donít know about, but itís one the community is familiar with. The developers canít tell us what the grocer is. Something this community will covet.


The developers want a lease, not a Letter of the Intent. When the fitness centers found out about each other, it seems to be moving forward. 24 HR is still a possibility.


Question: Allyson: Development is exciting, would like to have community benefits provided. How are the developers going to provide that?

Answer: Economic development. Employment considered via a zip codes. The developers really want to engage the MWIB community. The 9000 sq ft retail space may be condos, and it creates ownership. Wealth creation in the community, and the sense of pride will help with community policing. They want a dedicated left hand turn into the parking structure from Alberta


Question: But, we may lose a few parking spaces on Alberta?

Answer: Yes, but the benefit will be more parking in the lot.


Question: Allyson: Look at how we can build community benefits and building these into the Good Neighbor Agreements.

Answer: Ray: As a privately financed, we will still honor community benefits. Ray: We wonít be moving forward without telling you each development.


Ingrid: Phase I is beautiful.

Question: What is planned for the retail in Phase III.

Answer: Ray wants to make it condos. Big anchor will be a lease tenant.


Question: Have you talked to Multnomah County about their employees parking on residential streets?

Answer: Ray said that county has not been responsive. Jeff Cogen, Multnomah County Commissioner is listening.


Comment: Perhaps the neighborhood can work with PDOT to make parking permits available to residents, and have 2-hour visitor parking.


Question: Subsidized homes: rentals or ownership?

Answer: Ownership.


Question: How much public financing is going towards Phase III?

Answer: No Public finance in Phase III, the only public financing was the purchase of the land. Ray stated that they purchased it for Ďmarket rateí.


Question: Since PDC said that Vanport was one of the projects that they are supporting; will this take financing away from other projects?

Answer: No.


Question: Is the north block still with the county building still in the Vanport plan?

Answer: Yes. The county building is still in the plan. The government is slow. Hopefully by the end of the year the developers will know more.The challenge is we have to move the county to find a new spot, on a major blvd. PDC may assist the county in finding a new space.


Question: Do you feel any pressure about the decade closing, and that the census will show gentrification, and the public funding may be gone. Are you feeling the scarcity of land?

Answer: Ray: I see a lot of holes and opportunities when driving on the Blvd.


MLK & Wigand, Mason, Failing, Jarred earmarked for the effort of Assoc of black CPAís engaged with the landowners and how to position their land for financing. If McCoy moves east, we got it wrong. Itís not an easy task to get the public funding moved.


7:15pm: Jewel works for Prudential, and is on the board of NECN. PDC has charged her with selling of the houses. Quiet marketing, word of mouth, wants to sell it to families.


? Prices: ††††††††† 5136 NE Garfield is $305K (2 bd. 1 bath) a lot of potential in the attic

††††††††††††††††††††††† 5116 NE Garfield: $385K (4 bed 1 bath) Lots of original charm.

Both houses have garages.


? PDC is asking market rate, and thatís troubling. Who do we write to complain? Donít know for sure.


Concern about HAP taking their homes, and selling them at market rate.


Introduction to Sylvia is NE Coalitionís Cross Cultural Organizer and staff liaison. PSAC (Public Safety Action Committee) is the 4th Tuesday of the month. Once a month. NE Coalition has once a month has organizers luncheon on the third Wednesday of each month.


Sylvia explained she is working with Judith Mowry is an employee of ONI (Office of Neighborhood Involvement) and she is facilitating the Restorative Listening Circle. During the Mayor at Jefferson High, 23 youth has expressed interest in getting involved in the neighborhood associations. Sylvia explained that NECN is working with Larry Collins, who works with kids to get them reengaged.


PSAC: Will be offering a lot of different workshops. Larry Collins may be the chair if heís voted in.


Comment:We need to build community, more seeding than weeding.


Every Wednesday from 10am-1pm is Sylviaís drop in hours. Community conversations, coffee and doughnuts.


Translation and childcare funds are available by ONI for Neighborhood Association Meetings.


Sylvia is planning a sit down, or sewing circle for African and African American women. She stated that the Russian population is growing in Portland, and we must find ways to connect them with our community.


Youth Gangs Program (YGP): Jennifer explained the program, and how NECN and the Blazers are having a fundraiser for the YGP. We have 9 tickets available to buy.

Leslie made a Motion to donate $500 YGP Donation and buy 3 tickets to donate to Boys & Girls or Miracles Club. Ingrid 2nd


Motion passed unanimously.

Jennifer explained that KNA has a lot of money in their account, that hasnít been used in years. Decided to create an Ad Hoc committee to plan a fun, community-building event. Volunteers for the committee:






Officer Sims: He explained the door-to-door kids/adults asking for donations for their basketball team. No one asking for donations is legitimate. If they see purse or laptop, theyíll burglarize the house if no one answers the door. Call 911 as soon as the people approach your door, because the PPD needs descriptions. They arrested 3 people last week regarding this scam.


Central Precinct is now doing Six-hour foot patrols. PPD is paying for it. They are keeping a list of chronic offenders, and if they arrest someone enough times, then they are directed to addiction, mental health beds. Old Town, Lower Burnside, and NE MLK & Failing. Dealing with homeless, drug affected. They are addicts, so they mill about all day long. Officers will arrest them for littering and other minor offenses so they get enough arrests to be bumped up to the top of the list, where they can get one of the beds.


Question: Whatever happened to the citizen Greg Abbott, who was going to sue 514 NE Prescott civilly? The owners cleaned up the property with just the threat of the lawsuit.

4910 N Vancouver, and it was the first house closed by chronic nuisance. But the city would never use it, and after 30 years the community finally pushed for it. Two

17th & Killingsworth, the landlord has finally kicked out the offenders.


Trying to work with the city on Maple Mallories(Garfield & Failing) on lighting. Get more lighting so itís totally bright.


Comment: Regarding Last Thursday Art Walk on Alberta, Allyson would like to see enforcement on public drinking. She says thereís a double standard. Picking on people of color, and not picking on white people. It will become more and more of an issue.


8:15pm Meeting adjourns