King Neighborhood Meeting Minutes

March 12, 2008


6:30 Terri opened meeting in Jennifer’s absence.  The Board and attendees introduced themselves and reviewed the minutes for approval.  Two corrections to the February minutes were the spelling of two street names; Wygant Street and Jarret Street.  Corrections were noted and the minutes were approved.


6:40 The Good Neighbor Agreement for the Beech Street Development was discussed.  Allyson challenged the revised GNA submitted by the Developer.  Allyson noted that not all of the conditions submitted to the Developer were reflected in the document.  She moved to table the draft until the sub-committee could meet again to review the letter and re-submit changes.  Ingrid seconded the motion and the group agreed unanimously.  Allyson will contact Jennifer and get the sub-committee back together.


6:55  ANVIL Design Review.  Timothy Ray joined the meeting with Kent and Erica Lewis.  Tim reviewed the design plans with the group.  He noted that the building will be built with “green” practices, such as geothermal heating.  The group asked questions.  Allyson asked about the front use, Tim answered that possibly storefront, or office space.  Tim noted no parking would be included because it believed that there would be low impact on parking in the area as many will live in the area and use alternative forms of transportation.  The building will be two stories.  Tim requested a letter of support from KNA for the design of the building.  Allyson asked if there was public funding involved, Tim responded no.  Allyson inquired about the work being done by local resources to the neighborhood; Tim responded that 80% of the work was being done by minority builders. 


7:30 Sylvia Evans Presentation:  Sylvia told the group that NECN was planning a door to door campaign planned to outreach to residents of the KN.  The outreach is to get residents involved and informed about the neighborhood activities and services.  She asked the board for approval on the streets to cover. After much debate the recommendation from the board was agreed upon, MLK to NE 13th and Killingsworth to Alberta.  The walk and knock was scheduled for 3/22/08.


7:50 Open discussion:  Allyson informed the group about the annual clean up with SOLV and volunteered to be team leader.  Andrew mentioned the Streetcar system Plan and volunteered to take on land use and PDOT representative if the board needed someone.


8:00 Move for adjournment.