King Neighborhood Association

April 11, 2008

KNA Board Meeting Minutes:


Roll call of board members: Allyson Spencer, Jennifer Jardee-Borquist, Leslie Cormier present.


Six other KNA neighbors present, quorum met.


Sylvia Evan, NE Coalition of Neighborhood’s (NECN) Cross-Cultural Outreach Coordinator gave a report:


Operation Outreach. King Neighborhood was canvassed, and 200 doors knocked on. Eleven interest cards filled out. Red Cross is requesting that two neighbors be trainers for First Aid, CPR & Defibilator, training will be provided at no expense to KNA or NECN. Portland Community College’s EMT student will work to train the neighbors.



Discussion on upcoming May elections, there are many board positions open, and we need to start building capacity.


Motion: Leslie moved to mail post card to generate interest and advertise May General Meeting and elections. Seconded by Allyson. Passed Unanimously.


Spiffin’ Up MLK Jr. Blvd update: April 19, volunteers and block captains still needed. KNA’s block is Webster St. to Holman. Interested neighbors can go to to volunteer. There will be ‘community unity’ celebration after the cleanup.


Shaver Green Project Update-Workforce Housing (presented by Rolanne Stafford & Wayne Armstrong, owner and developers)


Groundbreaking on Friday, May 16, 2008. The project will have 85 units, and they would like to achieve Platinum Leeds Certification (the first one in Oregon). They currently Solid Gold.


The workforce idea originate because there is a lot of affordable housing for families that have income of 0%-40% of median income. There is not a lot of housing for workforce families (60%-80% of median income). This means a family of three makes about $32,000 a year.


There will be 59 1-bedroom units, 25 2-bedroom units, and one 3-bedroom unit. All are handicap accessible.


The first floor has a common space of 50x50 feet. This can be used for community meetings.


The project has taken two years to get financed, and they are one their third general contractor.


The former building on the lot has been razed, and the ground abated. The tagged wall on the west side needs to be abated for lead paint, and after, will be torn down.


Question: Will this be the highest building on MLK?

Answer: Yes.


Question: Will there be parking?

Answer: There are 32 spaces, although the city required none. Thirty-two is the maxium for affordability of the project. There will be bicycle lock-up. Trimet will offer discounted bus passes.


Question: Why no retail space?

Answer: It’s not affordable, with the financing of this project, mix-used isn’t feasible.


Question: What are the rental costs?

Answer: approximately $500 for one-bedrooms, $800 for two-bedrooms


Question: Once in, is it income restricted?

Answer: If you qualify to live there, and once you’ve moved in, you will not be forced out if your income increases.


Question: What if your income drops?

Answer: As long as you can afford the rent, you can stay. They will accept section 8. 


Question: Who will manage the building?

Answer: Housing NW will manage the building.


Question: Is this building appropriate for students?

Answer: This building is not intended to be student housing, the developers want to fill the gap they see in the lack of workforce housing. They have committed to a schedule of 60 years affordability, unlike most affordable houses in N/NE which have only a 10-15 year schedule.


They are hoping that being Leed-certified, that is will promote a healthy lifestyle. The developers met with Officer Sims to change the design to make it a safer building. Card keys will be issued and programmable to make it safe.


Question: What is the square footage of the apartments?

Answer: 500-800 sq ft, some with beautiful views.


Question: Is this project publicly financed?

Answer: 3.2 Million dollars from Portland Development Commission (PDC) through NOFA, HAP and Multnomah County. 4% tax credit program through the State of Oregon. There will be 10 supportive units (i.e. Section 8 housing). There will be an Energy Tax credit as long as Congress passes the legislation at the end of 2008.


Question: How long is construction?

Answer: 13 months


Friday, May 16 there will be the Groundbreaking, and the developers are looking for a community member to speak.


Question: How are you identifying MWESB businesses?

Answer: There is a 10% minimum, and they are working with OAME to find those businesses.


Question: Have you contacted James Posey’s organization?

Answer: Yes


Comment: There is a notable lack of African American contractors involved in the construction of many of Portland’s projects.

Comment: It is tough for many small contracting businesses to compete with larger ones. The cost often with a smaller company is not affordable for developers.


Portland Streetcar Meeting Update:

Peter Ovington attended the meeting and Portland is working on expanding the Streetcar as a tool for addressing future growth. Sam Adams, City Commissioner who is in charge of PDOT is looking to form District Working Groups to address a if there is a future for the streetcar, support, and adequate ridership. The Groups will form a ‘book club’ to work through a workbook. Peter stated that the timeline is to have something for City Council to vote on by fall. The final product will describe the findings of community support.


Question: Will the streetcar run down MLK like it does in NW Portland?

Answer: It will be determined whether it’s part of car traffic as part of this planning process.


Question: How will this be funded, and does NE Portland need it?

Answer: Federally, and as this progresses, funding issues will be addressed.


Grafitti Abatement Update: Trace explained the plan for KNA’s abatement scheduled for May 17 between 9am-1pm. Volunteers are still needed.


KNA has money that can be spent on neighborhood projects, and it was suggested that we explore what we can do with King Elementary School’s newly re-formed PTA.


Good Neighbor Agreement with Beech Street Partners: passed unanimously to accept it.


Officer Brian Sims update: 3950 NE Garfield Avenue was served a warrant, and they are working with the elderly woman who owns the property to find assisted housing so they can close the property under the Chronic Nuisance ordinance.


Question: What is the status of the 4910 N Vancouver house that was the first chronic nuisance closure in the city?

Answer: House was put up for sale and has a buyer.


Search warrants issued for house between 11th & 12th/Alberta. Portland Police are working with social services to assist the elderly lady in that house.


Liquor store on Interstate Avenue wants to move to Fremont. Concerns were raised that it may be the same as the closed liquor store on Beech & MLK.


Question: How is the program to arrest people on multiple misdemeanors to get them into treatment beds?

Answer: Going well, Officer Sims patrols Failing & MLK every Tuesday, but mostly the program is in Old Town.


Comment: With summer coming up, the police need to be focusing on Simpson Street near Safeway to work with the youth who are not doing anything criminal, just loitering.


Next Steps:

•Get postcard out to notify neighbors/businesses of next months meetings

•Notify Beech Street Partners of GNA being accepted by KNA


Meeting Adjourned