KNA General Meeting

Minutes May 14, 2008



Motion: Move to allow an exception to the by-laws to let Charles Boardman to run as chair. Terry 2nd the motion:


22 Yeas, Two Nays, and One abstention


Terri Pintarelli moves to nominate Charles Boardman for Chair Position, 2nd by Karen Trappen


20 Yeas, 2 Nays: 3 abstentions


Floor nomination of Gabriel Foulkes for Secretary: Gabriel Foulkes, resident of King for 28 years

Unanimous to accept her for the position of Secretary.


Treasurer: Vacant


At Large Positions:

Floor Nominations: Irek Wielgoz, Janice Lucas, Trace Salmon, Bill Lucas, accepted by acclimation.


Rachel, Co-Chair Sabin Community Association: wants to announce things Sabin & King have in common. Traffic Safety Meeting: difficult to cross Fremont, asking the City to give us 2 crosswalks. Give attention to 15-21st Streets & Prescott, bike boulevards by pulling them away from Prescott and Fremont and encouraging them to be on Failing, Going, Skidmore, and Mason Streets. Commercial District from 7th to 15th and Fremont. Sabin had a meeting with Will Smith of PDOT if we scale it low enough for the improvements we want, they might be able to get it without lobbying City Council.


Sabin meets the 2nd Monday of the Month @ Wild Oats on 15th & Fremont, Rachel extended an invitation to come.


Dalina Young: Urban League, Student of PSU, and interning with Urban League. They are identifying elders who are in need. Seniors can go to the Multnomah County/Loaves and Fishes & Senior Service Center Building and can go for lunch and entertainment. Helps connect seniors to services which allow them to remain healthy and independent in their own homes. As Neighborhood Associations find opportunities to identify elders and refer them to the program through Urban League. Services include: helping them get medical transportation, cashing their checks safely and help pay their bills, help them get caregivers, housekeepers. The Urban League acts as a clearing house so seniors can access to services they need. Cost is based on a sliding scale, no charges for lower-income seniors.


What are the boundaries? Case management services: requirements that N/NE area, but no one is turned away, they can refer to appropriate agencies.


Is there work being done on the Urban League Building? Yes, minor roadwork, sidewalk repair:


Miracles Club Presentation:


Herman Bryant introduced himself and explained that the Miracles Club has been in existence for 10 years, and its framework is peer support in recovery.Miracles has a Good Neighbor Agreement with King Neighborhood Association.


What phase is the new project in? The site is at 4822-24 block of MLK Jr. Blvd, working with architects, City Council, and outreaching to neighbors.


Will there be apartments above the club? Yes, 34 units, and the residents will have an 18-month sobriety requirement


Will there be a new GNA with KNA? Yes, Miracles Club will send a draft form to KNA and the details can be hashed out.


Bill Hart, Susan Rudloff, architects, have been working with Commissioner Dan Saltzman, Miracles Club, talking about ideas. Early stages of development.


Presented the design for the Miracles Club and apartments.


Will it be low income housing? 30% low income, Guardian Management will own the building for the initial 5-10 years.


At one point was it presented to the immediate neighbors? Miracles Club didnít go door-to-door.


Urban Renewal Boundaries creates TIFF money, and Miracles Club can become eligible for financing.


Fred Stewart: The fact City Council allowed Urban Renewal Zone to be expanded so quickly is concerning.


Urban Renewal: allows pre-development money to come and do studies.


Herman suggested that itís not been a secret. Miracles is theonly club thatís been in existence without a paid employee.


Why is the Miracles Club moving? The old location is being sold, and the Miracles Club didnít know what was going to happen, so they reached out to find a stable place.


What are the plans for the current building?

Unknown-Miracles had the opportunity to buy it, but it got passed them. Sept 06, they had 90 days to try to purchase it, came up with Ĺ the down payment, not enough and they sold the building.


Whatís the estimated completion of the new site? Probably 2 Ĺ years.


What will the traffic flow be like? Two way in and out. Having conversations with PDOT & traffic engineers


What are your hours? On any giving day, they are open 7am-8:30pm, Friday and Saturday nights 11pm. Sometimes there may be 20 people, some nights may have 200 people.


Have the Miracles Club worked with the developers of Shaver Green to see if there can be some sort of partnership? No.


Retail on the ground floor? There will be a cafe on ground floor- 18-20 seats


What are the materials of the building? Concrete slab and wood frame or steel frame above.Green Elite, LEED certified.


How will residents be chosen? Miracles Club will set the criteria, sexual offenders, violent offenders, will not be allowed to live in the apartments.


Neighbors are very concerned about traffic, there are lots of kids in the streets. Miracles Club is aware. Most of the members carpool, walk, or use public transportation.


Fred Stewart stated that the City in 1995 would invest in traffic calming devices. The City needs to be held accountable.


Is there any way to close off Grand? Cannot put parking in front of the building.


Feasibility Study is going to look at traffic studies.


Concern that traffic on Grand will increase, already EMTís have to come to the assisted living facility 5 times a well and they as well as others blow through stop signs.


Concern is that there are 34 apartments, with only 15 parking spaces.


Herman stated that Miracles is accustomed to making adjustments to accommodate the community.


There has been some discussion using the south parking lot of the church. Miracles has ongoing relationship with churches.


What about Skidmore & MLK: ideal spot for sharing parking


Concern expressed about the special events spilling out loud, zooming cars.


There is an agreement with the City that main events can go late as 1am. Miracles hours are: Sunday until 7pm, Monday till 7pm. Tuesday-Thursday 7:30pm,Friday and Saturday until 11pm, amplified music in the building. Noise issues will go away with the new building, as it will be better insulated. Community Room is on MLK, and will be offered to other community groups for meetings.



Miracles is taking a transparent approach: We will know more about the Miracles Club


Next Steps:

††††††††††† Traffic Mitigation

††††††††††† Good Neighbor Agreement Meeting


Ad Hoc Committee discussed, will get more details later.


Announcement: Tomorrow Streetcar Presentation


8:00 Meeting Adjourned