King Neighborhood Association

July 9, 2008


List of attendees (at end of minutes)

Quorum met.


Agenda   (Exhibit 1)


Minutes from June meeting

Minutes approved from June 11, 2008.


Standing reports

Portland Police report - Officer Sims  

The liquor store move was approved.  They will move in August, and have agreed to close daily at 7 pm and not open on Sundays. 


Officer Sims reviewed a CAD report (Exhibit 2) showing the historical breakdown of calls received in the neighborhood by type (e.g., prostitution, shots fired, etc.).


Church Street concerns – residents are concerned about the current situation.  The police department has lost their ability to use drug free ordinance for exclusion.  The precinct is supported by Project 10 which holds only 10 prison beds, and the county does not have the ability to hold people who have been arrested.  Concerned residents and property owners will meet separately with the Public Safety and Action Committee to address their concerns.


Public Safety and Action Committee - Larry Collins

PSAC is working with neighbors and businesses to keep an eye on specific situations and is a good place to address targeted problems.


Paige Coleman reviewed a brochure (Exhibit 3) on public safety in the Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods, and encouraged people to attend PSAC meetings for developing actions and strategies.  PSAC works with the Office of Neighborhood Involvement Crime Prevention Team.


The Chair of the NECN encouraged folks to work with the city to address budgetary issues and city priorities for police budgets.


Administrative issues

Treasurer’s report

The block party has been notified that $75 will be available.


Budgetary Allocation

Proposal to spend up to $15 provide funding for refreshments at the August Board meeting.  Motion passed


Miracles Club update

Petition re Miracles Club   (Exhibit 4)

Charles Boardman presented a statement of consensus from the neighbors requesting that Miracles Club have no egress from the new parking lot onto Grand Ave.  Proposal to provide support of KNA to this petition to the developers.  Motion passed


Herman Bryant reported that meetings with the mediator will start soon to develop a Good Neighbor Agreement.  Eventually he would like to invite the drug and alcohol counselors to KNA to meet the association.  The property manager is considering having a uniformed security guard as one option to assist the neighborhood, and is looking for funding to explore the options.


Street car planning and survey   (Exhibit 5)

Irek Wielgosz explained that he is working with a group to look at street car planning for future potential for development.  A survey has been prepared by the Portland Department of Transportation on the scope of an expanded streetcar system, which could come into the King Neighborhood. The survey is at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=7QjGufQZvkQ5cFawdRA6CA_3d_3d; for more information look at the plan on the web at http://www.portlandonline.com/transportation/index.cfm?c=46137&a=194478 .


St Andrews Master Plan

Trish Bradley & Paul Olson reviewed the Master Plan for St. Andrews.  St. Andrew Nativity School is an important part of the plan because they would like to expand to include 5th grade.  The church has reviewed their mission and goals.  They have a number of community services (e.g., food pantry, furniture, and clothes closet) that need to be more efficient for distribution.  The proposal will eliminate 9 parking spaces, but will remain above city mandated number of spaces.  The church does not anticipate that they will require additional street parking to meet any of the functions.


The church will notify neighbors within 400 feet so that they could attend a conditional use hearing in August to raise their concerns.  A display of master plan materials is posted at the church.  They may hold an open house for folks to drop by.  Construction is likely to begin spring 2009.  ACTION ITEM:  Paul Olsen will draft a letter of support for the KNA board to consider for signature.


Retilling the soil project   (Exhibit 6)

Larry Collins reviewed the event on Saturday 7/12.  It is an opportunity to clean up and meet the neighbors with healthy relationships and a healthy environment.



Paul Olsen will draft a letter of support for the KNA board to consider for signature.








Charles Boardman, resident (Chair)

Trish Bradley, St Andrews Church

Herman Bryant, Miracles Club

Larry Collins, resident, PSAC

Gabrielle Foulkes, resident (Secretary)

Donna Moulton, business owner

Jim Moulton, business owner

Paul Olson, St Andrews Church

James Reddick, resident

Todd Roll, resident

Trace Salmon, resident (Treasurer)

Officer Brian Sims, Portland Police

Allyson Spencer, resident (At-Large Rep #2)

Joy Trafton, resident

Shirley Vidal, resident

Irek Wielgosz, resident (At-Large Rep #4)

Huck Wilken, resident

Josh Weber