Revised 10/16/08


King Neighborhood Association

Minutes from Board Meeting

October 8, 2008


List of attendees (at end of minutes)

Quorum met.


Agenda   (Exhibit 1)


Minutes from September meeting

The minutes from September 10, 2008 were approved with minor clarifications about the concerns of the neighbors of the Miracles Club and clarifying Allyson Spencer’s role on the MLK Advisory Committee.



Standing reports

Public safety action committee meetings

Charles Boardman reported that the committee discussed the theft of catalytic converters, and will be working with vendors and muffler shops which will provide free welds to prevent theft.



Planned Parenthood Regional Service Center   (Exhibit 2)

Planned Parenthood is closing on land with the Portland Development Commission, and will hold a ground breaking on 10/22.  David Greenberg, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood, provided images of the building designs for new construction at MLK and Beech.  The building will include clinics for health care facilities as well as administrative offices for the regional office.  PP is looking for retail tenants such as a day care provider on the ground floor. 


There was a brief discussion of confidentiality of the clinic clients.  There will be private areas for checking in and out of clinics, and the retail, daycare, and administrative functions will also provide anonymity.  Individuals will have many possible reasons for entering the facility including participating in education programs and other community meetings as well as for healthcare reasons.  PP’s general experience is that protests die down once the building has been constructed.  They are looking to be a good neighbor, and are talking with local pastors and businesses.  There will be 24/7 security and good lighting throughout the construction phase, which should assist the neighborhood.  Increased usage in the area should also help reduce ongoing drug dealing and homelessness.  Dr. Greenberg described the plans for parking – they are not anticipating spill-over onto neighborhood streets. 


Planned Parenthood has committed to 30% minority, women and/or small business participation in the project.  The building will be certified as LEED Silver and possibly Gold.  PDC rules do not apply, but these are voluntary commitments.  Dr. Greenberg can be reached at



Neighborhood proposal for Garfield Avenue and tree planting   Kristin McKee

Kristen McKee coordinates Inside Out School House, which is a new neighborhood-based business offering child care, school assistance, and lifelong learning.  They provide support for families looking for alternatives to school.


One current goal is to plant trees along the block to make the street safer and more livable, in partnership with nearby businesses such as churches, Friends of Trees, and Albina Head Start.  The organization would like to apply for a NECN small grant and would like support from King Neighborhood Association.  They would use the grant to pay for trees and also will ask to see if the paving can be removed from the sidewalk strip so that more trees can be planted.  One of their preliminary efforts is to figure out how many trees are needed so they can scale their proposal accordingly.


The proposal to offer KNA support to Kristen McKee to seek a small grant from ONI to plant trees on Garfield between Skidmore and Mason was APPROVED.



NECN small grant application process/ideas

Allyson Spencer attended a workshop about the small grant process, and described a proposal that focuses on volunteer work.  One proposal would establish a bank of volunteers who would meet monthly to help with yard work for elderly and disabled or single parent householders.  A range of volunteers would be included, from a project manager to the workers.  The grant would also cover costs for tools and yard debris disposal.  Some of the organizing aspects could include a web page and a data base of volunteers.  Allyson hopes to use the community center as a meeting point.


One of the requirements of the project is that when someone is helped, they should give back to the community (e.g., go to King School and read to kids).


The proposal to offer KNA support for the Blue Door project was APPROVED.


Lauren McCartney is grants administrator and can help applications.  She can be reached at or 503-823-4135.



Bioswale stormwater project at King School

Trace Salmon summarized the proposal to rehab the King School courtyard to reuse rainwater, make it more attractive (perhaps by changing the entrance doors), and to serve as a performance space.  The team also wants more plantings and bike racks at the school.  They will be working with the school district to determine how maintenance will be paid for.



OLCC - Should someone from the Association be a rep?           

Charles Boardman reported that no one is interested, so there will not be a KNA rep.  Currently renewals are looked at every year, but there is a proposal to reduce oversight to look at renewals every two years.  This is potentially a concern for the neighborhoods.



Oregon Convention Center Urban Renewal Advisory Comm.

John Tyler described his new appointment to this committee and his desire to make sure that KNA concerns are addressed.  PDC is the development arm of local government and has a budget for targeted development in the community.


The committee provides public input on best uses or proposals, such as the proposed street car.  Most ideas will be proposed by PDC which will then ask the neighborhood what they think of it.  KNA can participate in planning process as well as specific proposals.  Contact John at for questions.



MLK Planning Committee meeting

Allyson Spencer reported that she is on a subcommittee of the committee that John Tyler reported on (OCC URAC) which focuses on MLK and includes the Alberta spur.  This subcommittee is also known as the North OCC.  It meets quarterly and includes good representation of neighborhood and developers.  One focus is on minority and women-owned businesses – “inclusive business prosperity.”


The subcommittee will have access to funding to discuss strategies.  For example, a recent PSU student study looked at different community models, such as the Main Street approach.  One topic that arose at the September meeting was a suggestion to move from high density residential zoning to lower density mixed use along MLK, but they need to take into account that MLK is a transportation corridor.  To change the zoning would require an extensive hearings process.


MLK Gateway Heritage Marker Project – is an opportunity for identifying historical markers along MLK.  What should be placed between Fremont and Killingsworth in the King neighborhood?


MLK action plan – PDC will look at how to promote their programs along MLK.  For example, there might be an ambassador program to market programs.


Lauren McCartney, transportation and land use coordinator for NECN, will be meeting to discuss how to navigate rules and processes for development.  She can be reached at or 503-823-4135 if you want to be involved.



Survey of need for a clean up day for the neighborhood?

The Board would like to target a late spring clean-up day, and will need a volunteer chairman.  NECN can help figure out how to make it work.


Charles Boardman will talk with Concordia neighborhood to learn how their process went.  ACTION



Process issue: amend the bylaws to make the majority of KNA meetings general meetings

Trace Salmon raised an issue about the structure of neighborhood meetings as outlined in the current bylaws.  The Board would like more opportunities for all to participate by holding 9 general meetings and 3 or 4 board meetings.  This suggestion could be discussed at the general meeting in November and voted on at the next Board meeting after that.


Charles Boardman will talk with a rep from the Irvington neighborhood about process implications.  Trace Salmon will review the bylaws.  ACTION



B. General Membership Meetings: There shall be at least four (4) general membership

meetings yearly. General Membership Meetings shall take place in February, May,

August and November.



I. Board Meetings

1. Board Meetings: Board Meetings will be scheduled by the Board. All board

meetings are open to the public, except when the Board is in Executive Session.

The Board may go into Executive Session to discuss confidential personnel or legal

matters, consistent with law. Any binding action of the Board must be taken in open

session following the Executive Session.



There was a brief discussion of commitment and attendance and responsibilities of being a rep on the board.


There was also a brief outreach discussion – KNA needs more ways to contact neighbors and involve them in the association and the board.



PDC - is 24 hour Fitness still planned for Vanport?

John Tyler reported that developers are interested but the current market is difficult for investors.  There is no major commitment yet but parties are still negotiating commitments and agreements.


Four other tenants will be invited once the anchor tenant is committed.  The fitness center would be located at the north end of the project, along with a parking garage.



Administrative issues

Treasurer’s report:  Balance $8620.


Land use issues – Maureen Mimiaga is the KNA rep to _____________________________


Communication – Charles Boardman attended NECN communications roundtable with Tammy Paladeni



Issue of 9th and Alberta

Paul Green raised concerns about the store at the corner of NE 9th and Alberta.  When the store was closed during construction, the situation was better, but now the problems have increased.  The patrons of the store cause problems – noise and loud parties, vandalism, accidents, can’t park in front of own home, guns and shootings.  The neighbors would like some assistance and the association helped them brainstorm ideas.


One clear need is for better lighting, now that trees have grown up and are blocking the street lights.  One idea is to work with Celeste Carey, crime prevention specialist, to look at issues for better lighting.  Trees that block light are the responsibility of the owner.  Can KNA/NECN raise money to help the owner trim trees?  Could the urban forester help the owner?  [Note:  After the meeting, Leslie Cormier reported that she called Pacific Power asking them to check the trees for pruning.  The trees are growing up through the power lines and it is possible that Pacific Power will want to trim them back.]


Since the problems arise from the store patrons, it is appropriate to work with the store owners.  A Good Neighbor Agreement is an opportunity to work with store owner to address issues of hours of operations, sales, etc. to see if there is anything that contributes to the problem.  KNA could look at the existing GNA to see how it is working.  Are there OLCC issues that need to be addressed?


Neighbors could help by forming a block watch.  It is also important to call the police every time inappropriate behavior occurs to keep the statistics active even if the police can’t come right away.  Compiling statistics will help them respond.


Charles Boardman will review the Good Neighbor Agreement for the store at 9th and Alberta, and determine if the OLCC should be involved.  Karen Trappen will contact the urban foresters for the city.  ACTION



Future agenda topics:  Next meeting 11/12/08

NE Going as a Bike Boulevard, Emily Gardner

Proposal to amend the bylaws to make the majority of KNA meetings general meetings

Groundwork Portland – Brownfields in King, Andrea Hamburg

NECN’s communication initiatives, Tammy Paladeni

PDC Gateway Heritage Marker Program – update on process

Discussion of organizing a clean up day




·        .



Charles Boardman, resident  (Chair)

Daniel Capuia, resident

Leslie Cormier, resident  (At-Large Rep #1)

Gabrielle Foulkes, resident  (Secretary)

Thomas Glenn, resident

Ingrid Gjestvang, resident   (Co-chair)

Betty Green, resident

Paul Green, resident

David Greenberg, Planned Parenthood

Misha Hashitani, resident

Janice Lucas, resident  (At-Large Rep #5)

Benno Lyon, resident

Lauren McCartney, Northeast Coalition

Kristen McKee, resident

Maureen Mimiaga, resident

Gwendolyn Moreland, resident

Alisha Moreland-Capuia, resident

James Reddick, resident

Trace Salmon, resident  (Treasurer)

Andrew Solomon, resident

Allyson Spencer, resident  (At-Large Rep #2)

Karen Trappen, resident

John Tyler, resident

Shirley Vidal, resident