Revised 11/23/08


King Neighborhood Association

Minutes from General Meeting

November 12, 2008


List of attendees (at end of minutes)

Quorum met.


Agenda   (Exhibit 1)


Minutes from October meeting

The minutes from October 8, 2008 were approved without changes.


Standing reports

Update from Portland Police

Officer Brian Sims summarized several areas that he’s focusing on in the neighborhood.

·        Shootings at 9th and Alberta

·        Increase in pedestrian robberies, especially near 9th and Sumner and 9th and Alberta


Trees blocking streetlights on 9th – it is the responsibility of the homeowner to keep them trimmed.,  Contact city commissioner or Jane Ames, public safety contact.


If neighbors have concerns about junk left out in front of houses, these could be building code violation – call Bureau of Development Services.


Please email Officer Sims directly with specific questions and incidents (for example, give addresses, dates, or other information that he can research): or call the police non-emergency number at 503-823-5833.


Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods – no update


Public safety action committee meetings

Charles Boardman reported that he is the liaison from KNA to the committee which looks at specific issues.  They are currently working on a Police Appreciation Dinner.


Last Thursday   (Exhibit 2, notes from 9/29 steering committee meeting)

Rick Sills is concerned that impacts from Last Thursday are occurring all along Alberta, not only along the blocks where a permit will be issued to the event organizer.  KNA could ask for some conditions on the permit, for example, addressing issues of parking, noise, alcohol, and toilets along the lower part of Alberta that are arising from the event.


ACTION – Rick Sills will draft a letter with concerns that could offer ideas for conditions to the permit for Last Thursday.  The Board will consider signing/endorsing the letter.


New Music School   (Exhibit 3)

Fara and Chris Heath have opened Sound Roots, a new music school at MLK and Beech.  The school will match students with teachers specific to their particular learning style and musical interests.  They offer private lessons and group classes for all ages as well as camps and birthday parties for kids., 503-282-9999.


NE Going as a Bike Boulevard   (Exhibit 4)

Emily Gardner of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance described the goal to increase the number of bicycle boulevards in Portland.  Up to 40% of riders in North/Northeast rely on bikes as primary transportation.  Tillamook is currently a boulevard and now BTA would like to advocate for Going Street as a bike boulevard.


A bike boulevard is a shared roadway that has a low traffic count, with markings, traffic diverters and maintainers, and traffic calming (e.g., speed bumps, traffic circles).  Funding is available.  BTA is holding open houses to gather input.  Emily acknowledged that there will be a specific way to address the intersection at MLK and Going.


Letters of support and suggestions should be sent to City Council.


Move to offer KNA support for a bicycle boulevard on NE Going St. with conditional endorsement.  KNA would like to see how issues of safety, access for public safety vehicles, and displaced traffic are addressed.



KNA position on streetcar route on MLK

Maureen Mimiaga is on the Land Use and Transportation Committee.  A streetcar has been proposed for MLK/Sandy/Broadway-Weidler - the proposed MLK line would run from Broadway to Columbia.  It would connect with proposed east side loop down to OMSI. Irek Wielgosz is also part of the neighborhood working group, which is now looking for input from the neighborhoods.


One goal is to get freight traffic back to the freeways to lighten up the traffic load on MLK which could become more of a “main street,” since a streetcar shares a travel lane with autos.  This would be a long term project that should help with new developments along MLK that are not required to offer parking.  One approach is to use the streetcar as a local option, with light triggers to force green light.  Clearly the planning would coordinate with TriMet and the #6 bus which might work for longer trips, especially into downtown.  It was acknowledged that parking could be an issue.


Move to offer KNA support development of a streetcar along MLK.  MOTION APPROVED


NECN’s communication initiatives – no update


Friends of Trees   (Exhibit 5)

Irek Wielgosz stated that canvassing has occurred to determine the need for trees.  The King tree planting occurs next spring on Saturday February 14.  The deadline to order is 12/15.  Please contact Irek if you have questions about the program or go on-line at to fill out a form.  Volunteers are needed to help on planting day, so put it on your calendar now to help make our neighborhood a beautiful and healthy place to live.


PDC and Killingsworth Street Improvement   (Exhibit 6)

Charles Boardman described the availability of a grant from the Metro Regional Council to spruce up Killingsworth.  Phase 1 has been completed and now they are working on phase 2 which will bring improvements from Commercial Street to MLK.  Examples of improvements include widened sidewalks, curb extensions, curb ramps, special paving in the furniture zone, benches, improved pedestrian crossings, bus stops, street trees and pedestrian level street lighting.  Street trees and pedestrian level street lights would be continued along the existing NE Killingsworth sidewalk from Williams to MLK, Jr. Blvd.


Competition for funding means that your input is needed.  Public comments are due 12/1 –


King School park

Karen Trappen of the City Park Bureau is concerned about the existing structure in the park since it is deteriorating and dangerous.  Should it be replaced or torn down?  The police department believes that it blocks their ability to conduct visual inspection in the park.  Any redesign would go through Crime Prevention through Environmental Design.  If the structure is removed, it should be replaced because school children use it as protection from sun and rain.


Farmers market pilot committee

Charles Boardman described a Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods proposal to have a farmers market at King School or nearby.  Planning efforts should be coordinated with Alberta Coop which currently also sponsors a farmers market.  The proposal is sponsored by Portland Farmer’s Market.  A local market would offer an opportunity for more neighborhood connections.  Charles collected names of people who would be interested in serving on that committee.  For more information, contact


Spring clean-up working committee

Charles Boardman announced that KNA is interested in holding a spring clean up, and collected names of people who would be interested in serving on that committee.  For more information, contact


Process issue: amend the bylaws to make the majority of KNA meetings general meetings

Charles Boardman introduced a proposal to change the number of General Membership meetings from four to eight each year, and reduce the number of Board Meetings from eight to four to encourage more neighborhood participation.  Since this is a change to the bylaws, it was introduced at the general membership meeting and will be voted on at the next general meeting (currently scheduled for February).






B. General Membership Meetings: There shall be at least eight (8) general membership meetings yearly.  General Membership Meetings shall take place in January, February, April, May, July, August, October, and November.




I. Board Meetings

1. Board Meetings: Board Meetings will be held in March, June, September, and December.  All board meetings are open to the public, except when the Board is in Executive Session.  The Board may go into Executive Session to discuss confidential personnel or legal matters, consistent with law.  Any binding action of the Board must be taken in open session following the Executive Session.



Short Updates

PDC Gateway Heritage Marker Program – John Tyler:  No update


Oregon Convention Center Urban Renewal Advisory Comm. - John Tyler:  No update.


PDC - is 24 hour Fitness still planned for Vanport? – John Tyler reported that the Vanport Project Advisory Committee meeting was meeting in November, and Phase III, which includes a discussion of the fitness center, is on the agenda, along with issues of noise and dust mitigation.


Store at 9th and Alberta:  Good Neighbor Agreement, etc. - Charles Boardman reported that NECN is looking for the GNA.


MLK Liquor Store – Good Neighbor Agreement - No update.


Bioswale stormwater project at King School – No update


Play structures in Irving Park - Ingrid Gjestvang reported that the parks department wants input into new children’s play structures in Irving Park.


Small grants program – Allyson Spencer submitted a proposal.  She commented that 44 proposals were submitted for ONI funding.  The selection will be in December, and projects start in January.


Architectural Heritage Center – Francene Grewe will be attending a meeting to learn more about a grant on what to preserve in the neighborhood.


Fountain at police station - Nicole Leaper inquired whether it can be fixed up.


Stop signs on 9th near Killingworth at Sumner – Nicole Leaper voiced concern about traffic speed, and would like to know if traffic calming is feasible.



Standing committee reports

Treasurer’s report:  Balance update not available.


Land use issues – addressed earlier.


Communication – Charles Boardman is talking with the NECN about a quarterly print newsletter.  The committee also hopes to improve the website.


Future agenda topics:  Next meeting 12/10/08

Groundwork Portland – Brownfields in King, Andrea Hamburg

NECN’s communication initiatives – Tammy Paladeni

Fixing the fountain at the police station

Update from Miracles Club

Discussion of community gardens

Grant writing workshop – Allyson Spencer



Rick Sills will draft a letter with concerns that could offer ideas for conditions to the permit for Last Thursday.  The Board will consider signing/endorsing the letter.







Deborah Abele, resident

Benjamin Adrian, resident

Mark Berrettini, resident

Charles Boardman, resident  (Chair)

Scott Breon, resident

Leslie Cormier, resident  (At-Large Rep #1)

Lou Crawford, resident

Robin Epstein, resident

Matthew Ford, resident

Windy Ford, resident

Gabrielle Foulkes, resident  (Secretary)

Emily Gardner, Bicycle Transportation Alliance

Ingrid Gjestvang, resident   (Co-chair)

Jennifer Gonnella, resident

Francene Grewe, resident

Jamey Harris, resident

Fara Heath, resident

Deek Heykamp, resident

Molly Hiro, resident

Lisa Hovey, resident

Ernest Jones, resident

David Kurushima, resident

Michael Laus, resident

Janice Lucas, resident  (At-Large Rep #5)

Maggie Michaels, resident

Maureen Mimiaga, resident

Ross Moran, resident

Laura Ohm, resident

Jonah Perez, resident

Maureen Raad, resident

Jake Reid, resident

Sarah Retzer, resident

Karen Searcy, resident

Rick Sills, resident

Officer Brian Sims, Portland Police

Maria Simon, resident

Allyson Spencer, resident  (At-Large Rep #2)

Summerfield, resident

Ben Tackett, resident

Tricia Tillman, resident

Karen Trappen, resident

John Tyler, resident

Shirley Vidal, resident

James Weter, resident

Irek Wielgosz, resident  (At-Large Rep #4)

Brent Wilson, resident