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Help King Students Play Math

Dear neighbors:

Schools are the heart of our communities and children are the heart of our schools.  King School needs your help in supporting our children’s academic growth and success.  Almost no one would deny that a college education and a strong foundation in academic fundamentals is mandatory in our increasingly knowledge-based economy.  Growing industries like science, technology, math and engineering rely on not only our students’ proficiency in language, but also a strong foundation in mathematical concepts.

Test results show that, upon graduation, fewer than half of Portland students are ready for college math.  For many students the achievement gap starts early.  At King Elementary School only 8 percent of students in 3rd grade are meeting or exceeding state standards in math.  The district average is 56 percent of students meeting or exceeding standards for math in 3rd grade.

In an attempt to increase young children’s comfort with and exposure to foundational mathematical concepts, a parent group in collaboration with King School administration, teachers and the SUN community schools program is looking to offer a twice weekly two hour after school program called “Play Math!”  The curriculum introduces progressively more challenging math concepts the same way that a video game provides more fun, stimulation and challenge with each level a player reaches.

We would like to involve King neighbors. 

Can you share everyday problems you have that the children can help you to solve using math, or, talk about a career or hobby that you have that uses math?  Do you ever have to do any of the following?

  • Create a budget? For example: for a home remodel or grocery shopping.
  • Are you a business owner who has to price products, make sales and track inventory?
  • Are you a computer programmer who ‘teaches’ computers to perform complex mathematical functions quickly?
  • Are you an engineers who designs electronics, roads, bridges, make buildings stand, etc.?
  • Are you a contractor, baker, chef who must measure parts in order to make a whole?
  • Do you play bridge, or, a sport that requires you make basic arithmetic concepts?

We need your stories and problems for the children to solve.  Our class will be every Tuesday and Thursday in March from 3:30-5:00 p.m. Even if you cannot attend we would love to use your picture, story and problem for the students so that they can make the connection between what they are leaning, their neighbors and real world problems solved by math.   If you are interested in being involved please send a quick email to tanyabarham{at}

Thanks for helping King students find fun and success in math.  Go Lions!


Thank You Letter to KNA from Meals on Wheels Jambalaya Festival

KNA received this thoughtful thank you letter after we supported this great event.

Jambalaya Fest Meals On Wheels Thank You Letter.pdf

Want to help out Meals on Wheels?

and don’t forget about our wonderful Backpack Program providing weekend meals to kids in need in and around our neighborhood.

King Backpack Fund




Kitchen Share NE, Fruit Tree Project, NE Tool Library join up for all-day community celebration, Sunday June 22nd.

KitchensShareLogo1Join Kitchen Share NE and our partners at the Salt and Light Lutheran Church for an afternoon of all-ages activities, live music, potluck food, and more!  Featuring Kitchen Share NE, the Northeast Portland Tool Library, the Portland Fruit Tree Project, Critical Bath Soap Co-op, Wilderness Way, and the Inconvenience Store, this open-house type event will give you the opportunity to celebrate summer with your favorite community-building non-profits.  Get to know us and your neighbors better through fun, hands-on demonstrations for both kids and adults.

Sunday, June 22, 2014 – 12:00pm to 4:00pm
Salt and Light Lutheran Church
5431 NE 20th Ave.

Free Energy Audits from Energize Northeast

From NECN:

If you haven’t already, please consider signing up for a home energy performance audit with Energize Northeast. This collaboration between NECN, Neil Kelly and Umpqua Bank will make it easy for you to enjoy greater home energy efficiency and save money. Registration only take a few minutes at After you register, you will receive a call from Neil Kelly to schedule a home energy audit. This comprehensive audit takes several hours and is valued at $500. However, with a $150 rebate from the Energy Trust of Oregon, Neil Kelly is offering the home energy audit free to the homeowner. Additionally, for every home energy audit completed through Energize Northeast, Neil Kelly has generously agreed to donate $150 to NECN to help further community programs such as Neighborhood Small Grants.


Not sure you are ready for a home energy audit? Attend a free workshop to learn more first.


Energize Northeast workshops:


Saturday, October 13th, 11:00am at Umpqua Bank Alberta

Tuesday, October 16th, 6:30pm at NECN

Saturday, October 27th, 11:00am at NECN

More workshops listed at