Community Gathering at King School Park, 6 pm, Sept 2nd, to address violence.

From Portland Police:


I trust everyone has heard about the 118th GVRT deployment this past Monday to a shooting that took place at King School Park on the NE Grand Ave side of the park? This was a gang related shooting where a young woman was shot in the hand. The Gang Enforcement Team was called to the scene where they recovered 18 shell casings and discovered a van with a shot out window along with two additional bullet holes in it. Many of the other rounds that were fired travelled into the neighborhood. It is a miracle that no one else was hit.


North Precinct, GET, YSD along with our community partners will be gathering at the park up at the site of the shooting (top of the park next to the park benches) at 6pm on Wednesday, Sept 2nd.


Our goal for this meeting is to pass along factual information about what happened surrounding the shooting and to message to the community that their park is safe and that we want them to continue to use the park and not allow this act of violence to drive families away.


Stephon Hartley who is an intern in the Mayor’s office and I had a follow up discussion after he sent me an email that he received from a concerned citizen regarding the recent shooting. Stephon and I decided that we would call this meeting in an effort to bring together the community and make something positive happen out of something negative. Our intention is to move forward purposeful conversations and dialogue as it pertains to building community engagement and outreach (CEO) with neighbors and park patrons.


  1. GET will present facts about the shooting and discuss where they are at in the process of the investigation and how the community can assist the police.


  1. YSD will make a statement surrounding school safety and reaffirm to the community that their children are safe to attend school.


  1. Officer Zoeller from North Precinct will have an opportunity to discuss how he can assist neighbors with crime issues as their Neighborhood Response Team Officer.


  1. The Parks Bureau will provide a statement and information about city parks.


  1. All additional partners will be given 1-3 minutes to speak about their role in keeping the park, school and community safe.


There will be opportunities to hand out flyers and other safety information if you would like to do that.


The meeting will wrap up after Q and A from the community.


If anyone would like to attend the planning meeting we will be available to meet next Wednesday, Sept 2nd at 4:30pm at North Precinct in the community room to vet through the 6pm meeting agenda. Drop by if you can otherwise we will plan to see you out at the park at 6pm.


Please forward the meeting date and time to anyone you believe could benefit from taking part in this meeting next week.


Take care,




Chris Uehara

Commander, North Precinct

Portland Police Bureau

449 NE Emerson St

Portland, Oregon 97211

  1. 503.823.5757

Steps to Problem Solve Nuisance or Crime Influenced Businesses/Properties:


1. Talk with a couple of your neighbors. See if they have common concerns. Be sure your conversation is problem-solving centered and respectfully specific. What do you want the business or property owner to do?

2. If the problem is not crime, talk with the owner yourself. You can find out who the owner is by going to Multnomah County 501 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland. OR 97214 Suite 175, Division of Assessment,Recording, and Taxation, M-F 9:00 am to 4:30 pm. Ask a clerk to help you navigate the computers. It is not always easy to find the owner and his mailing address.

3. Bring your concerns to the monthly neighborhood association meeting or N.E.C.N. SALT meeting (Safety and Livability Team). The SALT team is a good place to begin if crime is the major concern. The commander of North Precinct comes quarterly.

4. Ask your neighborhood association to do one or more of the following actions:

4a. Ask the association to write an official letter to the business on your behalf detailing your concerns and possible solutions. You will need the name and
mailing address of the owner.

4b. Set up a meeting with the business owner to discuss concerns. Have them
come to special meeting or a monthly meeting.

4c. Ask the crime prevention specialist to write a good neighbor agreement. This a good practice if the business is new as it sets goals for both residents and
owners. It is not as good for a long established business with a poor collaboration
history. More info

5. Report nuisances to the nuisance inspectors. The City of Portland has a long list of city codes. If something bothers you, it may be a violation of code. Call and find out. More info


When all else fails, contact the police and ask them to write a chronic nuisance letter. That letter will specify what the business must do to be in greater compliance. All in all, if the business is closed down for one year, that is the sole decision of the city attorney, not the police. Law enforcement develops and writes the letter, then enforces it. More info


If you need help dealing with a problem in your neighborhood, get in touch with us. We can help! Contact:


Other useful links:

Community Problem Solving Resource Guide

Neighborhood Mediation Program

North Precinct Portland Police

Combat Drug Houses

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KNA Opposes Unrestricted OLCC License for 7-Eleven

The following is a letter submitted to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission at yesterday’s hearing on the 7-Eleven license application. The license was granted with no restrictions but KNA is committed to continuing negotiations with 7-Eleven to preserve neighborhood livability through a good neighbor agreement.

Oregon Liquor Control Commission
9079 SE McLoughlin Blvd. Portland, OR 97222

RE: 7-11 5150 NE MLK Blvd, Portland – Liquor License Request for Restriction

The King Neighborhood Association (KNA) has previously submitted opposition to an unrestricted OLCC license being issues to the 7-11 now located at 5150 NE MLK Blvd, Portland. At that time the King Neighborhood Association requested that the license be restricted based on size and alcohol content of beverages, as well as the time of sale be restricted to no later than 1:00 am.
On February 7th, Ryan Kroll, on behalf of 7-11 engaged with the King Neighborhood Association and has entered into negotiations to find suitable accommodations for the concerns of the KNA. We believe that 7-11 is acting in good faith as is the KNA and we would like to formally request an extension of one month on your deliberation of this matter. While we have made excellent progress on a draft agreement, there are items that warrant further discussion.
The King Neighborhood has in the past and does currently struggle with street drinking amongst other public safety concerns. Great strides have been made over the past 10 years within the neighborhood to make significant improvements, but there is much work yet to be done. As new businesses move into our neighborhood it is incumbent both on those businesses and the neighbors to work together to ensure that the positive momentum that has carried us this far continues.
We urge you to grant this request and allow us the opportunity to work with our new neighbor to continue to make positive change in the King Neighborhood a reality.

Russ Eisenberg
Co-Chair KNA on behalf of the King Neighborhood Association

January KNA Meeting Agenda

King Neighborhood Association – General Meeting
Wednesday, January 9, 2012 6:30pm
Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods
4815 NE 7th Avenue, Portland, OR


6:30 Introductions, approval of agenda and minutes

6:40 Discussion and Vote on Sherriff’s letter regarding immigration enforcement

6:50 “Thank you” ideas for NECN staff for their assistance with KNA

7:00 Two Plum Park Kickstarter update

7:10 Update on King Backpack program

7:30 Discussion of local safety concerns

7:50 Update on Digital and Print Newsletters

8:00 Adjourn

Bushel and Peck, 7-Eleven Liquor License Comment Period Open

The following Liquor License application was received for consideration by the City of Portland the week of December 24th to Dec 28th, 2012.
Please follow this link to see the applications in their entirety:
If you wish to comment please fill out the attached comment form and submit it to the City of Portland Liquor License Notification Program.

3907 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd
Type of License: New Outlet – Limited on Premise
Coalition: NECN

Comments Due: 1/28/2013

Application Comment Form.

Also, the OLCC did not receive any comment from the King Neighborhood Association regarding the liquor license application for 7-Eleven at MLK/Sumner. They did receive nine e-mails objecting to the application from neighbors. The King Neighborhood Association has not made a Good Neighbor Agreement with 7-Eleven, Inc. The OLCC would like to know in writing or by email what decision the King Neighborhood Association comes to on this liquor license application. Even if it is to make no recommendation. Given recent history, they want to make sure that the King Neighborhood Association has considered this application and has no objections, or that they document any objections that may exist.

For more information, contact:

Karen Keith, License Investigator
Oregon Liquor Control Commission