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February KNA Agenda

King Neighborhood Association General Meeting
King Neighborhood Facility, 4815 NE 7th Avenue
February 8, 2012 – 6:30 to 8:45 pm

KNA General Meeting Agenda

6:30 Welcome and introductions; approval of minutes and agenda; announcements.

6:40 Recent crime on Alberta Street: a discussion with the Portland Police, neighbors, business owners, and Celeste Carey of City of Portland’s Crime Prevention.

7:15 Katy Kanfer: From Soil to Soul: food security and the King Neighborhood.

7:20 Alan Silver: The Portland Playhouse, and its application for a conditional use permit to use the building at 6th & Prescott: an update.

7:30 Scott Cohen: Neighborhood Greenways.

7:40 Brian Weaver: the 2012 King Neighborhood Clean-up.

7:50 Irek Wielgosz: King Neighborhood Land Use/Economic Development study and action. N. Williams development. Developing a land use study team.

8:00 Safety and livability update, and quick thoughts on how we can address youth violence in our neighborhood in upcoming discussions.

8:05 Katy Kanfer: Movie in the Park 2012: is KNA ready to commit to putting this event on, and fundraising for it? Are there ideas for other summer events we’d like to see?

8:10 Katy Asher updates us on the Northeast Coalition of Neighborhood’s work in the larger inner N/NE neighborhoods.

8:20 Jeff Scott: Jackson’s convenience store, alcohol sales, and a good neighbor agreement.

8:25 Tree Inventory Project: an update? A possibility for King this year?

8:30 Alan Silver: a proposal for KNA’s 2012 board elections.

8:32 Neighborhood garage sale: will we organize this again?

8:36 Communications: a KNA brochure! Other ideas for outreach?

8:45 Closing thoughts.

The King Neighborhood Association meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30 in the King Neighborhood Facility at 4815 NE 7th Avenue, unless another location has been designated ahead of time. Our next meeting will be held on March 14, 2012. You can subscribe to our electronic newsletter and check out our community calendar at You can send us an email at Find us on facebook at

Portland Seeks Input on Earthquake Plan

The Portland Bureau of Emergency Management (PBEM) wants to hear your thoughts about our city’s newly proposed earthquake response document.

Having grown into a major city long before scientists discovered its unique seismic vulnerabilities, Portland is now expected to experience a potentially devastating earthquake of magnitude 9.0 or greater. Work is underway to identify those vulnerabilities and make Portland a more earthquake-resilient city. This work–now embodied in the Portland Bureau of Emergency Management’s new Earthquake Response Appendix–will help lessen the severity of an earthquake’s impact on residents.  See pp. 53-54 on how to prepare your household.

The Earthquake Response Appendix is a supplement to the City’s Basic Emergency Operations Plan and a framework for Portland’s ever-evolving approach to earthquake response. Soon, this document will reach Portland City Council for consideration. In the meantime, PBEM is asking the public to thoroughly examine the appendix and provide feedback.

To learn more about the threats facing Portland’s energy, water, sewer, transportation, communication and building infrastructures; to understand the roles elected leaders, city officials, emergency responders, the private sector and community-based organizations play in the context of earthquake response; and to understand the partnerships established among public and private agencies to help support this response, please read the appendix by clicking here.

To provide insight and comments about the document, click here and fill out the feedback form.

Summary of KNA’s January Meeting

January 12, 2012

Hi all,

Here’s what we decided to do, and not to do, and maybe to do, last night:

KNA voted to appeal any denial of Portland Playhouse’s permit, with the cooperation of the Playhouse and its legal representation.

KNA decided not to oppose a liquor license for Jackson’s mart on MLK. Instead, we will pursue a good neighbor agreement. Jeff has agreed to shepherd this process.

We decided informally to apply for a neighborhood tree inventory project, without committing ourselves to definitely doing it if approved. Alan and Katy will tackle that application.

We’re doing the Movie in the Park application, based on movie suggestions from last night. We’ve got our eye on one movie in particular: The Wiz! Again, we’re not committed to doing the Movie in the Park if approved. However, the Portland Playhouse has offered to help with various aspects of it, we can apply for ‘financial aid,’ and it seems like we can get this done much more inexpensively than last year.

KNA voted to formally request that NECN invite all candidates for mayor and city council to its upcoming candidate forums, regardless of the perceived popularity of the individual candidacies. Alan will write a letter.

We agreed, informally, to go ahead with a neighborhood clean-up this year. Brian of the Playhouse has agreed to take the lead on the paperwork, with an assist from Irek.

We will schedule a food security meeting quite soon! Katy Kanfer and I will figure that out.

We will schedule a land use/economic development (and transportation?) meeting soon – Irek will help us settle on a date for that.

KNA voted to request that NECN invite all candidates for city council and mayor to its upcoming candidate forums, regardless of ‘status’ or publicity their individual campaigns may be receiving. Alan will write a letter to NECN.

Thanks all,

Alan Silver
Chair, King Neighborhood Association

Public Meetings to Discuss “Respectful Traveling” on Williams

From PBoT:

Dear North Williams Community Members,

This summer, the City of Portland will run a special educational campaign to encourage safe and respectful traveling on North Williams.

While discussions about changes to the roadway continue as part of the North Williams Traffic Safety Project, we have heard loud and clear from the community that how people interact with one another while traveling up North Williams is just as important as engineering, and that conditions on the street feel dangerous today and should be addressed as soon as possible.

Please come to a special brainstorming meeting to answer these questions:
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Friends of Last Thursday Seek Community Input

Friends of Last Thursday, the organization tasked with taking responsibility for the administration of the monthly street festival, is seeking feedback from the communities surrounding Alberta and the Last Thursday participants. This is your opportunity to explain what is good about LT and what needs to change.

From FoLT:

Friends of Last Thursday (FoLT) is on the move! Tasked by the city to localize stewardship of Last Thursday within the Alberta community, FoLT began hands on engagement during May Last Thursday to extremely positive result. Infractions were down, the street was reopened in record time and the FoLT Ambassador program made great progress in its education and outreach component. One of the cornerstones of the FoLT mission is to help create a safer event, which means working with participants to gain their compliance with city and county safety laws, including observance of ADA, parking, noise, fire and food handling codes, zero tolerance for open containers, and a Leave No Trace refuse goal. Also of high priority is engendering greater neighborhood respect. FoLT has listened to the concerns of our neighbors and is actively working to educate Last Thursday participants in the ways in which they can exert the lightest possible impact on our community.

FoLT Letter and Community Survey