Easter Egg Hunt at Two Plum Park

twoplumeggThe Second Annual Egg Hunt at Two Plum Park, 4023 NE 7th Ave will be Sunday March 31st at 10:30am. The egg hunt is for ages 5 and under. Please bring a bag or basket to collect eggs in (5 eggs max per child)

We will be needing a few supplies so please keep your eye out for:

We’ll be getting a candy donation from the Alberta Co-op so no need for those kinds of donations. We’ll be looking for help stuffing eggs on the evening of Wedneday, March 27.

We will also need some volunteers so if you or anyone you know would like to help hide eggs and clean the park-up before the event (around 9:30) or clean-up afterwards let us know. Please help spread the word!

Thanks, everyone. Spring is on its way!
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