Help your community be selected for a tree inventory

Walking around your neighborhood, do you see areas available for tree planting, street trees in need of maintenance, and neighbors who are concerned but don’t know where to begin? Urban Forestry is helping Portlanders take action to improve their community’s street trees by conducting tree inventories and creating neighborhood tree plans.

Communities begin by forming tree teams and gathering volunteers to conduct a street tree inventory. Volunteers are guided by Urban Forestry staff, who provide training and tools. Together, information is collected on tree species, size, health, site conditions, and available planting spaces. Data is analyzed and findings are presented to neighborhood stakeholders. Achievable strategies are set by the collective body to improve existing trees, identify opportunities for an expanding tree canopy, and connect the neighborhood with city and non-profit resources. The result is a Neighborhood Tree Plan. The plan identifies the current status and health of neighborhood street trees and provides recommendations for neighborhood action.

How Can I Get an Inventory and Tree Plan in my Neighborhood?
Communities are selected by a competitive process. To apply, submit this application by January 16, 2012.

Tree inventories are designed to be fun and educational community events. Requesting communities first work with their neighborhood association to organize a tree team. Tree teams organize three inventory work days, recruit volunteers, and conduct the inventory. Urban Forestry provides organizational and inventory training, supplies, and work day leaders. After the inventory, Urban Forestry will guide tree teams in interpreting data and creating tree plans.

“It was so much fun to participate in such an amazing community project. It was such a pleasure being a part of a project that not only helps to maintain the charming character of the Sellwood-Moreland neighborhood but also lays the foundation for a tree plan to help future neighborhood development.” -Kerry Wooddell, Sellwood-Moreland

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