King NA letter to the state re: oil train tranports

Governor John Kitzhaber                                        Senator Jeff Merkley

160 State Capitol                                                     121 SW Salmon STreet #1400

Salem, Oregon 97301                                              Portland, Oregon 97204


Senator Ron Wyden

911 NE 11th Avenue suite 630

Portland, Oregon 97232


July 17, 2014


Re: Request for Statewide Moratorium on Oil Train Transport

We are expressing the deep concern of King Neighborhood Association about the threat to life, safety and the environment due to accidents, potential spills and explosions posed by oil trains. We urge the Oregon Governor to recommend against the siting of oil terminals in our state; and urge Congress, the State Legislature, and regulators to adopt laws and regulations to increase the safety of the transportation of crude oil.


Shipments of oil and coal, carried by rail, already pass through North and Northeast Portland, with little notification to residents as to their arrival. This proximity to our area creates a potential threat to the safety and health of our residents, so much so that we exhort the Oregon Governor, John Kitzhaber, and our U.S. Senators, Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley, to intervene, and to stop any increases in oil trains. As residents and neighbors, we want to protect our community from the danger oil trains pose to our city.


With that in mind, King Neighborhood Association calls on municipalities, agencies and officials to deny all permits for new/expanded facilities that will result in an increase in the transportation of crude oil through Portland. King Neighborhood Association also calls for a statewide moratorium on oil train transport, to be issued until such time as there is a consensus among the industry and regulators as to the safest method of safely transporting Bakken crude oil and a proven track record that demonstrates the safety of the methodology.




Margo Dobbertin

Chair, King Neighborhood Association



Carmen Merlo, Portland Office of Emergency Management

Mayor Charlie Hales

Metro Councilor Sam Chase

Army Corps of Engineers