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Middle School Discussion

Current, future, and prospective King middle school parents and students to discuss the program and its future.  Tuesday, April 21st.  Meeting begins at 5:30 in the school library.

A message from parent, Tanisha Jones:

Hello all,

It was so nice to reconnect with many of you these last few days through our brief conversations around the topic of “What’s going on in King’s middle school”.  Like my husband and I, there are a lot of perceptions, questions, and concerns around what to expect and the offerings of our current middle school.  Some of us have students already in middle school, some on their way, and others soon approaching.

Whether you’ve been out of the loop of school activities, like my husband and I, and/or perhaps you are involved but don’t feel equipped with transparency of information to make a well informed decision about whether or not to keep your student at King for middle school, or know of what ideas/suggestions can be made towards enhancing the middle school program, your perspective of questions, concerns, and ideas are needed at the table during the Tuesday, April 21st PTA meeting, 5:30pm, in the King School library!!

Many of you expressed wanting to have more information on the middle school before this fall, so hopefully this agenda item will provide an open forum and opportunity for you to, again, not only receive information but to also come prepared with questions, ideas, and input that will hopefully put you at ease and change your mind towards transferring out, as well as give us the opportunity, as a King community, to usher in the desired change, resources, and support that will make for sustainable and robust middle school offerings in the very near future for all students.

That said, Principal Eryn Berg has expressed a willingness to partner with our parent community at Tuesday’s PTA meeting and support an informative and constructive discussion regarding Kings’ middle school program.  I look forward to seeing you all at this meeting.  For those of you that may not be available to attend, perhaps this meeting will be the start of a series of conversational meetings to come around this topic, so please provide the PTA or myself with your updated contact information so that we can continue to keep you in the loop from this point forward. (Also, the PTA will place an agenda item handout in backpacks within the next day or so regarding this meeting, so PLEASE check your students’ backpack for this information!!)

Tuesday, April 21st PTA meeting, 5:30pm, in the King School library!! It should be noted that because I’ve been out of the loop for so long, this email may not reach everyone it’s intended to reach, so please help spread the word onto other parents/staff who may be interested in and benefit from this information.  Thank you!

“Together It Takes A Village”

Tanisha Jones