KNA Board Meeting, 10/11/17

Join us Wednesday for KNA’s monthly board meeting. NOTE: Attending a meeting is not necessary to communicate with us – you can reach us at, and we’ll respond to you quickly.

Agenda (“time permitting items in italics”):

  1. Intros & check-ins (5-10 min)
  2. Approving previous minutes (5 min)
  3. Sewer project update (15 min)
  4. Bylaws – code of conduct (15 min)
  5. Member open floor (15 min)
  6. Wrap-up, feedback, announcements (5-10 min)


Join us at 6:30 pm, this Wednesday, at the NECN office . . . or email us to find out how you can participate in other ways!

2 thoughts on “KNA Board Meeting, 10/11/17

  1. Margaret O'Hartigan

    David — Your October 6 posting of the board meeting was in violation of KNA Bylaws governing notification for meetings of the board which requires notification “shall be made at least seven (7) days in advance of the meeting.”

    This is just one of many many examples of the board and/or officers/directors failing or refusing to comply with association bylaws (for example, the illegitimate removal of Derwin). The bylaws are written in plain English, and officers or board members who can’t or won’t comply with the will of the membership should step down.

    1. David Kennedy Post author


      You’re right, we were a day late. I’m sorry that this was upsetting to you! Feel free to submit a grievance to ONI.


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