KNA Board Meeting, 11/8/17

Join us Wednesday for KNA’s monthly board meeting. NOTE: Attending a meeting is not necessary to communicate with us – you can reach us at, and we’ll respond to you quickly.

Agenda (“time permitting items in italics”):

  1. Intros & check-ins (5-10 min)
  2. Approving previous minutes (5 min)
  3. Just Transition Initiative (NAACP) (20-30 min)
  4. Bylaws update – final draft (15 min)
  5. Member open floor (15 min)
  6. Wrap-up, feedback, announcements (5-10 min)


Join us at 6:30 pm, this Wednesday, at the NECN office . . . or email us to find out how you can participate in other ways!