KNA Special Meeting — Board of Directors

Thursday, May 31 at the ALBERTA ABBEY ANNEX (126 NE Alberta St.) 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Welcome to special KNA board meeting/thank you to Abbey for hosting KNA (1 minute)
Introduction of board members (2 minutes)
Financial (20 minutes)
    Current balance/expenses/income for past year
    Proposed budget
Publicizing KNA meetings/events (10 minutes)
Appointment of KNA rep to NECN (10 minutes)
Committee appointments (25 minutes)
    Liaisoning committee to neighboring neighborhood associations
    Land use committee
    Bylaw review committee
    Grievance committee
    Finance committee
Publicizing availability of annual Parks & Recreation permit (6 minutes)
Fiscal sponsorship relationship between KNA and NECN (up for renewal July 1) (15 minutes)