NECN Small Grants Awarded

From NECN:

Here are two projects that were awarded this year, a complete list is on their website.

Alameda Kinderpainters Mural Project
Alameda Neighborhood Association, Granted $1,672
Muralists, property owners, PTA members, teachers, kindergarteners and their parents will team up to plan and paint murals on frequently graffitied retaining walls near Alameda Elementary School.

Emerson Street Project
Emerson Working Group, Granted $1,000
Awardee Joe Sneed is working with others to transform a property at NE 8th and Emerson in the King Neighborhood into an accessible, sustainable community garden and public space that facilitates ongoing community events and celebrates neighborhood history and culture. Project coordinators will lead arts-based workshops, tours, local events and presentations with and for local residents, public schools, service organizations, students and parents.