Neighborhood Small Grants

This is a great funding opportunity for neighbors with innovative projects – planting trees, shooting documentaries on neighborhood landmarks, spiffing up parks, creating community gardens, starting new neighborhood projects/programs with seed money, and so on. The money comes from the City and is distributed by the Northeast Coalition. From the NECN website: “the NE Coalition will be awarding $20,913 in grant funds for projects that build community, attract new and diverse members and sustain those already involved.” Last year, the King Neighborhood Association worked with Board Member Allyson Spencer to start The Blue Door Project, tidying up and replanting the yards of seniors and single-parent families in the King area. Do you have any innovative ideas? If so, you can go directly to the Coalition website to check out the Small Grants application, or you can come to the next King Neighborhood Association meeting (Wednesday, October 14th) to find partners/feedback for your project.

Small Grant website: