Neighborhood/Community City Legislative Agenda Gathering, Jan. 6th,

Neighborhood, business, and other community-based organizations play
an integral part in assuring community and neighborhood livability. I
continue to be committed to working with Portland neighborhoods,
businesses, and community organizations to provide services and
information to assist in empowering residents to identify and support
issues that benefit Portland. One way we can support each others
efforts is to explore joint legislative objectives and work together
in Salem to achieve positive results.

I am inviting you to participate in a meeting, co-sponsored by the
City’s Offices of Neighborhood Involvement and Government Relations,
designed to provide you with information for the upcoming 2009
Legislative Session. The meeting is scheduled for January 6, 2008
from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. in City Council Chambers.

This agenda has been designed to assure active participation from each
of you and will include interactive polling to identify and prioritize
your issues before we adjourn.


• Welcome/Introductions (Dan Bates, Director, Office of
Government Relations)

• Overview of issues facing the Oregon Legislature (Dan Bates)

• Collaboration with neighborhood, business, and other
community-based organizations
(Mayor-Elect Adams)

• Prioritize City of Portland Legislative Agenda Items
(Facilitated by ONI Staff)

• Discussion: Issues critical to neighborhood & community
organizations (Mayor-Elect Adams/Commissioner Elect Fritz)

• Next Steps (Mayor-Elect Adams)

I want to continue our important legislative work together by
coordinating a follow-up meeting in February with Portland
legislators. I believe having a dialogue with legislators regarding
issues you have prioritized during this meeting will further enhance
our mutual commitment to having a livable community.

Below are links for the City of Portland’s draft 2009 Legislative Agenda
for your reference.

2009 Agenda – Priorities + Initiatives

2009 Agenda – Policies and Issues

This draft legislative agenda was presented to
City Council during a November worksession and is still not completed.
If you are interested in also reviewing a summary of the 2007 City of
Portland Legislative Report summarizing the 2007 Legislative Session,
you can click on here to access the report from this web page.

To help ensure equal access to City programs, services and activities,
the City of Portland will reasonably modify policies/procedures and
provide auxiliary aids/services to persons with disabilities. Call
503-823-4519, TTY 503-823-6868 seven days in advance to request
assistance for any accessibility accommodations and/or language

Please RSVP to the Office of Neighborhood Involvement at For more
information, contact the Office of Neighborhood Involvement at

I am looking forward to seeing you at this meeting and thank you for
the hard work you do for Portland!

Best regards,