North Northeast Portland Bicycle Demonstration Project

bicyclistSince the spring of 2008, Metro has been working with local business leaders, elected officials, public health professionals and mobility advocates to determine if they were satisfied with the pace of development of our regional trails and network of off-street paths and walkways. This group, identified as the “Blue Ribbon Committee for Trails” decided to expand their scope to include all on-street bikeways. They did so in the course of studying all that is necessary to address this issue–including a trip to see comprehensive “active transportation” systems in Amsterdam and Copenhagen. The committee published their report last year. That report, titled “The case for an active transportation strategy,” calls for hastening the development of active transportation systems and to create projects to demonstrate the potential of bicycling and walking–“active transportation”–in three different environments: urban, suburban and rural. The regional call for active transportation proposals was a direct result of their report to Metro.

The proposal calls for creating an urban demonstration project in a 13 square mile area of North and Northeast Portland. All selected roadways are either currently identified as bikeways in the City’s Transportation System Plan or are slated to be included as such with the update of that plan. Metro is currently assembling a grant application to the federal government that, if successful, will fund this project. View the proposal at: Demonstration Project final.pdf.

For more information on Metro’s Active Transportation Partnership, please see this web site:
To see the report “The case for an active transportation strategy”, please see this pdf:

I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about this project or about Metro’s effort (though I may steer you to Metro for detailed information).

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