Occupy Northeast Neighborhood Assembly Jan. 7 at Chapel Pub

Shiva Markandeya, a self-identified Occupy Portland outreach committee member, has invited members of the Humboldt and King Neighborhoods to attend a meeting this Saturday, January 7th at the McMenamin’s Chapel Pub on 430 N. Killingsworth, 5 – 8pm.

According to the press release:

[T]he Occupy Portland Outreach Committee has created a project to gather various communities in this city who are interested in learning more about this modern movement and to encourage these communities to be more involved in seeing economic fairness and civil rights manifest in Portland neighborhoods. We hope to include every part of the city beginning with a few areas first, like North and Northeast Portland. The name of this project is called Occupy Northeast Neighborhood Assembly where we will come together and discuss our grievances and develop action based solutions among ourselves to address local and national concerns. There are many issues we plan to focus on which includes supporting the amendment to abolish cooperate personhood at the state level, administering education and strong support for those neighbors who have been wronged by our banking system which causes many families to receive unjust evictions from their homes, to create initiatives to remove the wrongful use of money from politics, to help families cope with joblessness and income disparities, and to develop green and sustainable permaculture practices that build community and bring people together.

The release states that this will be the first in an ongoing series of local meetings and that:

We understand that community, friendly associations, neighbors and the trust that is shared between them is power. When we are unified and working together in a common purpose our power is strengthened. We need all of our voices to be raised against the very things that ails us in this society. And we invite you and your associations to join us in making great efforts in trying to better our poor and middle class condition and improve the quality of our lives.

Shiva Markandeya can be reached at:
OPDX Outreach Committee