PPS Publishes Student Density Map, Begins School Meetings

As Portland Public Schools begins its meetings at each of the North and Northeast Portland schools under consideration for boundary changes or possible closure, it has released a PPS student population density map of the area. The full document is here:

HSClusters_2012_Jefferson-DA with student density

Here is the template PowerPoint for the school-based meetings:

Enrollment Balancing meeting template

School-based enrollment balancing meetings start today at 8:45 am at Boise-Eliot/Humboldt. Next week has meetings at Woodlawn (6:30 pm, Monday, 10/08), Beach (6 pm, Wednesday, 10/10) and Vernon (6 pm, Thursday, 10/11). Later this month, there will be meetings at Faubion (10/15,10/30) Ockley Green (10/15), Chief Joseph (10/17) and King (10/19, 10/23).

Check the full schedule at: http://www.kingpta.org/2012/09/29/pps-releases-enrollment-balancing-meeting-schedule/