Sabin School News

From Sabin PTA:

Hello from Sabin School! Sabin is located right in the middle of the Sabin neighborhood, but we include parts of King, Alameda, and Irvington in our boundaries as well.

Fall is here and kids are back to school at Sabin. We are growing! We have well over 400 students this year. We have almost 90 kindergarten students enrolled this year—so many that we’re about to add a fourth kindergarten classroom to bring down class sizes and help those kids succeed.

PPS changed the Sabin/Alameda boundary last year, and we’re excited to welcome new families to the school and help them get settled. We also have quite a few new teachers and staff this year. The school is just humming with positive energy.

We also have exciting news to announce—Sabin has been fully authorized as an International Baccalaureate World School! There are only a few other IB schools in Portland, and gaining authorization is really something to be proud of. Kudos to Sabin teachers, administrators, and students for all their hard work!

Sabin is a great place to volunteer and get involved, whether you have kids at the school or not. For more information, check out

Janice Johnson
Sabin PTA President