Steps to Problem Solve Nuisance or Crime Influenced Businesses/Properties:

1. Talk with a couple of your neighbors. See if they have common concerns. Be sure your conversation is problem-solving centered and respectfully specific. What do you want the business or property owner to do?

2. If the problem is not crime, talk with the owner yourself. You can find out who the owner is by going to Multnomah County 501 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland. OR 97214 Suite 175, Division of Assessment,Recording, and Taxation, M-F 9:00 am to 4:30 pm. Ask a clerk to help you navigate the computers. It is not always easy to find the owner and his mailing address.

3. Bring your concerns to the monthly neighborhood association meeting or SALT meeting (Safety and Livability Team). The SALT team is a good place to begin if crime is the major concern. The commander of North Precinct comes quarterly. N.E.C.N.

4. Ask your neighborhood association to do one or more of the following actions:

4a. Ask the association to write an official letter to the business on your behalf detailing your concerns and possible solutions. You will need the name and mailing address of the owner so you can send the letter directly to him or her rather than the business.

4b. Set up a meeting with the business owner to discuss concerns. Have them come to special meeting or a monthly meeting.

4c. Ask the crime prevention specialist to write a good neighbor agreement. This a good practice if the business is new as it sets goals for both residents and owners. It is not as good for a long established business with a poor collaboration history. More info

5. Report nuisances to the nuisance inspectors. The City of Portland has a long list of city codes. If something bothers you, it may be a violation of code. Call and find out. More info

6. Contact your crime prevention specialist and ask her/him for more strategies.

7. When all else fails, contact the police and ask them to write a chronic nuisance letter. That letter will specify what the business must do to be in greater compliance. All in all, if the business is closed down for one year, that is the sole decision of the city attorney, not the police. Law enforcement develops and writes the letter, then enforces it. More info


Neighborhood Response Team:
Officer Anthony Zoeller 
Crime Prevention Specialist Mary Tompkins


If you need help dealing with a problem in your neighborhood, get in touch with us. We can help! Contact:


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