Seasons Greetings from Friends of Trees!

From Friends of Trees:

Friends of Trees thanks all of you for your support this year. Your contributions, like five-year-old Phoebe’s, have helped us restore more green spaces and plant more trees in neighborhoods than ever before.

You may have seen Phoebe in The Oregonian this month. She saved her allowance, coin by coin, to give to Friends of Trees—and inspired her mother and grandmother to give as well.
“I love trees!” says Phoebe. “I love trees because of their pretty leaves, because they’re like umbrellas, because they make a special syrup, and because you can hang a hammock from them.”

There’s still time for you to donate this year. Whether you give tax-deductible Gift Trees to friends and family, make a membership gift, or contribute to Friends of Trees through the Willamette Week Give! Guide, your donation will help us continue making the Portland metro area greener and healthier in 2011 and beyond.
Happy Holidays from Friends of Trees, and thank you for considering a gift to us.

Tom Atiyeh
Chief Development Officer, Friends of Trees