Friends of Last Thursday to make changes to event

Changes in store for Last Thursday next year as recently released by FOLT:

New For Next Year:

Friends of Last Thursday has been working diligently to pay for the costs of the event and to minimize the impacts of 20,000 visitors to our district. We have come to realize that the only way to keep the event sustainable is to implement changes for nest year.


While it will remain FREE for all artists, crafters, creatives, musicians and performers, all other vendors will be charged a fee. This includes food vendors carrying a temporary or restaurant food license. This will give accountability to all vendors and repeat offenders will not be allowed to vend at Last Thursday.

One big problem is underage drinkers and the after hour violence from youth gangs.

before next season starts visit: for more info.

FoLT Seeks Volunteers

From Friends of Last Thursday:

Friends of Last Thursday (FoLT) is seeking more Friends!

In our effort to lift much of the responsibility for Last Thursday from city shoulders, we need friendly volunteers to help manage the event.

FoLT has several Ambassador positions available now. Ambassadors are the face of LT. They will promote awareness and outreach to artists and visitors during the event and provide a buffer between participants and outside city and county agencies. Roaming the streets in colorful hats and vests, Ambassadors play a vibrant role in ensuring a fun & safe LT.
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FoLT Revises Neighborhood Participation Criteria

Due the objections of community members regarding Friends of Last Thursday’s Committee Member Agreement, FoLT has provided another way that concerned citizens can serve. Some objected to being asked to “support . . . continuance of Last Thursday” and profess that “my support for FoLT as the group best suited to lead the implementation of the Last Thursday”

Rochelle Saliba of FoLT wrote: “In order to create a meaningful and viable NA presence within FoLT, we have amended our steering committee requirements in this way:
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FoLT to Hold Open Meeting at Kennedy School

Friends of Last Thursday will convene a meeting of its various subcommittees and Steering Committee this Thursday, April 21st beginning at 6:00 pm. The Kennedy School Community Room will be the venue. Participation is open to all. FoLT is seeking volunteers to fill out its many open committee assignments.

SALT Committee to Discuss FoLT Agreement

The new community leadership organization (Friends of Last Thursday, or FoLT) which seeks to lead the planning of Last Thursday with city mentorship is seeking community members to serve on its steering committee. Last week FoLT distributed an agreement for prospective members to sign indicating that they are supporters of the event and will work to keep it going without additional regulation. A number of community members have expressed concerns that the bar for participating with FoLT in an oversight role as laid out in the agreement is too high.

The FoLT steering committee is apparently down to six members at present, after two of them, Bill Leissner and Jeanne Giles, were removed due to their refusal to sign the agreement. Mr. Leissner said in an email that he and Jeanne were the most outspoken members concerning neighborhood impacts and that he understands that the Community Impact Committee has been eliminated. There will be a discussion of Last Thursday issues at the Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods’ SALT (Safety and Livability Team) meeting tonight, Monday April 18th, 6:30 pm at NECN, 4815 NE 7th avenue.

View the calendar announcement here.

Read the Friends of Last Thursday agreement here