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King Neighborhood Chairman Resigns

Scott Breon, King Neigborhood Chair, has resigned effective August 11. This leaves the KNA board without executive leadership since the Co-Chair position has been vacant since this May’s election when Trace Salmon resigned and Scott was elected to fill the vacant Chair position.

Trace resigned to focus on his roles as King School Site Council Chair and PTA Treasurer, coordinating with the new principal and the school’s continuing transformation and International Baccalaureate adoption. Trace was filling in for Chair Charles Boardman who resigned to return to medical school. Scott has resigned to dedicate his full energies to his search for employment after his employer was taken over by another company.

While the KNA bylaws state that only current board members of at least a year can serve as Chair, the Co-chair is not so restricted and if filled, will act as Chair. Interim appointments must be made by the KNA board. Interested parties are encouraged to attend the next meeting or contact the Association at info@kingneighborhood.org or call the Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods.

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Do you have something to say?

The King Neighborhood Association will be developing a policy to provide members of the community a way to contribute to our blog. Do you have input you would like to share? . . events to publicize? Do you want to help develop this policy? Post a comment or contact us at info@kingneighborhood.org. As always, we are looking for your submissions to our community calendar which is on the main page at: http://kingneighborhood.org.

November 12th Meeting Agenda

Revised 10/26/08

King Neighborhood Association General Membership Meeting
King Neighborhood Facility, MLK Room
4815 NE 7th Ave

November 12, 2008 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Introductions and review agenda
Approve minutes from 10/8/08

Standing reports
Update from Portland Police Officer –Brian Sims
Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods –Sylvia Evans
Public Safety Action Committee –Charles Boardman

New Music School –Fara Heath

NE Going as a Bike Boulevard –Emily Gardner

NECN’s communication initiatives –Tammy Paladeni

Friends of Trees – Neighborhood canvassing project –Irek Wielgosz

PDC and Killingsworth Street Improvement –Charles Boardman
Grant from Metro Regional Council to spruce up Killingsworth

King School park – concerns about structures –Karen Trappen

Farmers market pilot committee –Charles Boardman

Form a King spring clean-up working committee –Charles Boardman

Proposal to amend the bylaws Board
to make the majority of KNA meetings general meetings
(see proposed changes on page 2 of agenda)

Short Updates
PDC Gateway Heritage Marker Program – update on process –John Tyler
Store at 9th and Alberta: Good Neighbor Agreement, etc. –Charles
PDC – is 24 hour Fitness still planned for Vanport? –Leslie Cormier
Bioswale stormwater project at King School –Trace Salmon
MLK Liquor Store – Good Neighbor Agreement __________
Oregon Convention Center Urban Renewal Advisory Comm. –John Tyler
Standing committee reports
Treasurer’s report – discussion of budget –Trace Salmon
Land use committee – board discussion of charter Board
Communications/outreach/website – charter? Update? Board
Other topics?

Wrap up
Any upcoming events to publicize/share?
Review old action items
Summarize decisions and review new action items
Confirm next meeting date: 12/10/08
Suggest agenda topics for next meeting

Future topics:
Groundwork Portland: brownfields in King, Andrea Hamburg
Grant writing workshop, Allyson Spencer
Proposed Amendments to the King Neighborhood Association Bylaws

(Changes number of General Membership meetings from four to eight each year, and reduces number of Board Meetings from eight to four to encourage more neighborhood participation.)

B. General Membership Meetings: There shall be at least eight (8) general membership meetings yearly. General Membership Meetings shall take place in January, February, April, May, July, August, October, and November.


I. Board Meetings
1. Board Meetings: Board Meetings will be held in March, June, September, and December. All board meetings are open to the public, except when the Board is in Executive Session. The Board may go into Executive Session to discuss confidential personnel or legal matters, consistent with law. Any binding action of the Board must be taken in open session following the Executive Session.

Canvassers Wanted

Meet your neighbors and help your Association connect with the community.  In advance of our next general meeting on November 12th, we will be canvassing the neighborhood door to door to inform everyone of the coming vote on admendment of the bylaws.  Get some excercise while helping to do some much needed outreach.  Contact us at: info@kingneighborhood.org or call 503-460-2756.