KNA Opposes Unrestricted OLCC License for 7-Eleven

The following is a letter submitted to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission at yesterday’s hearing on the 7-Eleven license application. The license was granted with no restrictions but KNA is committed to continuing negotiations with 7-Eleven to preserve neighborhood livability through a good neighbor agreement.

Oregon Liquor Control Commission
9079 SE McLoughlin Blvd. Portland, OR 97222

RE: 7-11 5150 NE MLK Blvd, Portland – Liquor License Request for Restriction

The King Neighborhood Association (KNA) has previously submitted opposition to an unrestricted OLCC license being issues to the 7-11 now located at 5150 NE MLK Blvd, Portland. At that time the King Neighborhood Association requested that the license be restricted based on size and alcohol content of beverages, as well as the time of sale be restricted to no later than 1:00 am.
On February 7th, Ryan Kroll, on behalf of 7-11 engaged with the King Neighborhood Association and has entered into negotiations to find suitable accommodations for the concerns of the KNA. We believe that 7-11 is acting in good faith as is the KNA and we would like to formally request an extension of one month on your deliberation of this matter. While we have made excellent progress on a draft agreement, there are items that warrant further discussion.
The King Neighborhood has in the past and does currently struggle with street drinking amongst other public safety concerns. Great strides have been made over the past 10 years within the neighborhood to make significant improvements, but there is much work yet to be done. As new businesses move into our neighborhood it is incumbent both on those businesses and the neighbors to work together to ensure that the positive momentum that has carried us this far continues.
We urge you to grant this request and allow us the opportunity to work with our new neighbor to continue to make positive change in the King Neighborhood a reality.

Russ Eisenberg
Co-Chair KNA on behalf of the King Neighborhood Association

KNA to meet this Wednesday: Agenda

King Neighborhood Association – General Meeting
Wednesday, February 13, 2013 6:30pm
Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods
4815 NE 7th Avenue, Portland, OR


6:30 Introductions, approval of agenda and minutes

6:45 Clean Water Portland Presentation on the proposed fluoridation of the water supply

7:15 Kirstin Walter – Intersection Repair Project @ NE 6th & NE Going

7:25 OLCC Bill Language / 7-11 Good Neighbor Agreement

8:00 Adjourn

Bushel and Peck, 7-Eleven Liquor License Comment Period Open

The following Liquor License application was received for consideration by the City of Portland the week of December 24th to Dec 28th, 2012.
Please follow this link to see the applications in their entirety:
If you wish to comment please fill out the attached comment form and submit it to the City of Portland Liquor License Notification Program.

3907 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd
Type of License: New Outlet – Limited on Premise
Coalition: NECN

Comments Due: 1/28/2013

Application Comment Form.

Also, the OLCC did not receive any comment from the King Neighborhood Association regarding the liquor license application for 7-Eleven at MLK/Sumner. They did receive nine e-mails objecting to the application from neighbors. The King Neighborhood Association has not made a Good Neighbor Agreement with 7-Eleven, Inc. The OLCC would like to know in writing or by email what decision the King Neighborhood Association comes to on this liquor license application. Even if it is to make no recommendation. Given recent history, they want to make sure that the King Neighborhood Association has considered this application and has no objections, or that they document any objections that may exist.

For more information, contact:

Karen Keith, License Investigator
Oregon Liquor Control Commission

Summary of KNA’s January Meeting

January 12, 2012

Hi all,

Here’s what we decided to do, and not to do, and maybe to do, last night:

KNA voted to appeal any denial of Portland Playhouse’s permit, with the cooperation of the Playhouse and its legal representation.

KNA decided not to oppose a liquor license for Jackson’s mart on MLK. Instead, we will pursue a good neighbor agreement. Jeff has agreed to shepherd this process.

We decided informally to apply for a neighborhood tree inventory project, without committing ourselves to definitely doing it if approved. Alan and Katy will tackle that application.

We’re doing the Movie in the Park application, based on movie suggestions from last night. We’ve got our eye on one movie in particular: The Wiz! Again, we’re not committed to doing the Movie in the Park if approved. However, the Portland Playhouse has offered to help with various aspects of it, we can apply for ‘financial aid,’ and it seems like we can get this done much more inexpensively than last year.

KNA voted to formally request that NECN invite all candidates for mayor and city council to its upcoming candidate forums, regardless of the perceived popularity of the individual candidacies. Alan will write a letter.

We agreed, informally, to go ahead with a neighborhood clean-up this year. Brian of the Playhouse has agreed to take the lead on the paperwork, with an assist from Irek.

We will schedule a food security meeting quite soon! Katy Kanfer and I will figure that out.

We will schedule a land use/economic development (and transportation?) meeting soon – Irek will help us settle on a date for that.

KNA voted to request that NECN invite all candidates for city council and mayor to its upcoming candidate forums, regardless of ‘status’ or publicity their individual campaigns may be receiving. Alan will write a letter to NECN.

Thanks all,

Alan Silver
Chair, King Neighborhood Association

Alberta Street Market to Revert to Original Owner, Liquor License Application Open for Public Comment

The OLCC has received a liquor license application for the Alberta Street Market in the King neighborhood area and would like to know if you are aware of any concerns. Located at 909 NE Alberta Street, the original owner, Pil Jun Chung, aka “Jack” of the market has applied for a Limited Off-Premises sales license (which allows the sale of malt beverages, wine and cider for consumption off the premises). After the Market was torn down and rebuilt in 2005-06, Mr. Chung sold the business to the current operator but maintained ownership of the building. Now he is buying the market back.

There have long been complaints of issues at and in the vicinity of the market such as panhandling, youth loiterers, street drinking and drug activity. It is a high vehicle and pedestrian traffic location that lies in the Last Thursday on Alberta area. Crime Prevention Program Coordinator, Celeste Carey, recommends a Good Neighbor Agreement be negotiated between the Neighborhood Association and the owner to proactively address community concerns.

The proposed hours of operation are Sun – Sat – 8:00 am – 11:00 pm The license application incorrectly lists operating hours of 8:00 pm – 1:00 am. This issue should be clarified prior to approval of the license.

If you are aware of any existing problems or concerns at this location, please notify Theresa Marchetti at (503) 823-3092 by January 9, 2010. If you have concerns regarding this license, please list the concerns in writing and remember they must be related to crime, alcohol, alcohol related behavior or drugs. Traffic, parking and trash are not considered during the licensing process at OLCC.

If you have any questions, contact:
Dennis Paul LoGiudice
City of Portland | Office of Neighborhood Involvement
1221 SW 4th Avenue, Room 110
Portland, Oregon 97204
 Phone: (503) 865-2626
 Fax: (503) 823-3050
 Email:
 Web: