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N/NE Neighborhoods Portland Plan Retreat

Saturday, April 3rd
10:00 – 1:00 pm
NE Coalition Office
Light refreshments provided
A special interactive workshop for all people who live and work in the NE Coalition Neighborhoods!

Why come to this workshop?
* To learn where we are now, based on the Portland Plan facts and survey results
* To discuss where we want to go – the Portland Plan will affect our day-to-day lives in the next 25 years.
* To help shape what our streets, business districts and NE Coalition neighborhoods will look like in the future
* To look more closely at arts and culture, economic development, food systems, historic resources, housing, human health and safety, public schools, urban form and more in the NE Coalition neighborhoods

RSVP to Lauren McCartney at 503-823-4135 and lauren@necoalition.org