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N/NE: A Bike Infrasructure Hole

At the next KNA meeting on October 14th, Roger Geller, Bicycle Coordinator for the City of Portland will present his proposal in coordination with Metro for a Bicycle Demonstration Project in North and Northeast Portland.

The attached proposal calls for creating an urban demonstration project in a 13 square mile area of North and Northeast Portland. Metro sent a grant application to the federal government that, if successful, will fund this project.

N/NE Demonstration Project Proposal

For more information on Metro’s Active Transportation Partnership, please see this web site: http://www.oregonmetro.gov/index.cfm/go/by.web/id=30078
To see the report “The case for an active transportation strategy”, please see this pdf: http://library.oregonmetro.gov/files/brc_final_report.pdf

Willamette Pedestrian Survey


How do you feel walking around your neighborhood? Do you feel safe? Are there problem-areas that could be improved with better signals, lighting, crosswalks? Do you like the pedestrian “bump-out” aprons to get better visibility? What would make you walk more? Help the nonprofit Willamette Pedestrian Coalition (www.wpcwalks.org) initiate these changes to make your walking-world better. Fill out the Getting Around On Foot survey at the following website: