Traffic Safety Initiative to Target King

Vision Zero Oregon has chosen King as one of the neighborhoods they want to work with this spring to educate people on how to pursue roadway safety strategies.

From their website,

We are a group of five Portland State University Masters of Urban and Regional Planning students working with the Bicycle Transportation Alliance to develop new community-based strategies to improve roadway safety. Through June 2011 we’ll be assembling a toolkit of tactics and working with a specific neighborhoods to build up the capacity of people in that community to pursue roadway safety on their own. The project is really about finding ways to get all the relevant groups together to work towards making streets safer for users of all types of transportation, from people who drive to people who walk to people who roll. Whether you’re a traffic engineer, a safety advocate, a neighborhood resident, or just a user of Portland’s streets, we want you involved.

We are planning a walking tour and an existing conditions survey to hear from King residents their experiences and thoughts about roadway safety in their neighborhood. I hope that anyone from the neighborhood association (and the neighborhood!) can attend and help get the word out.