King Neighborhood Association – January 2015 minutes

January 14, 2015 2015 Agenda (6:30 – 8 pm)

Introductions (all) 6:38 P.M

Introductions begun by Margo and Call for additional agenda items

Pastor Roy has a request to add a safety related item to the agenda

Call to Approve the Agenda

  • Motion by Irik,
  • Leigh Second :
    • 7 – Yes, 0 – No, 0 – Abstain


  • Neighbors in Attendance
    • Jeremy Shipley — To Present a Safety Issue
    • Pastor Roy E. Clay
    • Alan Silver (Volunteer, Past Board Member, King Backpack Program)
    • Van Bogner
    • Robin Franklin arrival 7:30
    • Francine Freeman Arrival 7:30


  • Board Members in Attendance (Quorum as of 6:38)
    • Diego Gioseffi
    • Margo Dobbertin
    • Irik Wielgosz
    • Nick LaRue
    • Leigh Rappaport
    • Jeff Scott
    • Eileen Kennedy (6:41)
    • Andew Neerman (7:28)

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King NA meeting agenda for Wed., January 11th.


Join us on Wednesday and help us make 2015 awesome.


King Neighborhood Association Agenda
Wed., January 11th, 2015, 6:30 – 8 pm
4815 NE 7th Avenue

–Introductions, at 6:30 – 5 mins
–Safety Report with PPB Officer Zoeller – 10 mins
–Proposed community kitchen at the Nativity School – 10 mins
–Survey of KNA records from 2014; recommended procedures for 2015 – 15 mins
–Approval of past minutes – 10 mins
–Appoint a grievance committee – 10 mins
–Green King update – 10 mins
–Spring 2015 clean up planning: need to recruit a volunteer to organize the event – 10 mins
–Movie in the Park, 2015 – help us organize this fab event! – 5 mins
–Announcements 5 mins

Christmas Dinner at Memorial United Methodist Church

Hughes_web_ext_preferred_2011_XHKXSJWUJoin us on December 25 for dinner. Friends, community members, guests, travelers – all are welcome for an informal dinner and time of visiting friends and neighbors at Hughes Memorial United Methodist Church, 111 NE Failing St.

Our neighbors Michael and Matthew Little are hosting a Christmas Day potluck for all, from 11 am to 1 pm

If you have no family around, feel lonely, want some conversation , you are welcome to come and join the fun, or bring your family and come meet your neighbors!

We’ll have a variety of foods to meet a a diversity of dietary needs. We thank our neighbors, New Seasons and others who have so graciously donated some wholesome food. Bring a dish to share or just come and enjoy!

Hope to see you there! Pets welcome