KNA land use committee meeting, Tuesday, July 26th.

The next meeting of the KNA land use committee has been scheduled. We will be meeting 7:30pm-9ish Tues 7/26 at 4407 NE 7th Ave (between Skidmore/Prescott).


  1. Update on Ocobock property, & the EV charging station issues (MLK/Beech).
  2. Affordable housing ballot measure this autumn – a request for NA endorsement.
  3. Guy Bryant’s plans for redevelopment of lots at 3732-3734 NE 7th Avenue.
  4. Property tax burden for lower-income homeowners (research done by Margaret O’Hartigan).
  5. Residential infill zoning changes being considered. Portland for Everyone proposal – alternate to city’s proposal – worth consideration?


KNA meeting agenda – monthly meeting, Wed. July 13th


Agenda: King Neighborhood Association monthly meeting, Wednesday June 13th, 2016

6:30 – 8:45 pm, at the offices of the Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods, 4815 NE 7th Avenue, 97211

  1. Intros, agenda, minute meetings from May & June
  1. Update on the Ocobock property (5128 NE Rodney) – at the request of neighbors, KNA filed a demolition delay permit request, in order to give neighbors more time to save this building from demolition. A hearing on that request is scheduled for July 13th, though neighbors are asking for a short postponement.
  1. NA committee composition – who is responsible for what tasks?
  1. Jes Larson, Portland For Everyone – Jes will discuss this fall’s ballot measure to provide a revenue stream for city spending on affordable housing.
  1. Proposed summit/conversation among members of KNA, NECN, ONI to discuss grievance processes and related issues: proposed by co-chair Eileen Kennedy.
  1. Land Use update – Andrew Neerman & Evan Heidtmann

– proposed 6-story building at MLK/Mason (Vic Remmers, developer) in design review, with ground-floor commercial eliminated from the plans.

-residential infill zoning changes – proposals are circulating, public meetings being held by the city to introduce them.

  1. Safety & livability issues update – Eileen Kennedy
  1. Autumn neighborhood clean-up?
  1. “Ocobock Mansion Neighborhood” neighborhood disaster planning – should these nascent plans be brought under the aegis of the King NET (neighborhood emergency team), for to ensure city-standardized trainings and safety procedures?
  1. Update on KNA grievance issues & process.
  1. Discussion re: NA participation – what are challenges to increasing participation, including and especially under traditionally underserved communities? How can KNA be more welcoming? What can we offer to neighbors?
  1. Future conversation topics for consideration.

KNA Land Use Committee: meeting notes, Tuesday, 28, 2016


kna dandelion music soul of the city

General & current topics covered at the land use meeting:

  1. Ocobock Mansion/property (5126 NE Rodney): KNA filed demolition delay request with the city; city has accepted the paperwork and will schedule a hearing soon to adjudge the request itself.
  1. 7th/9th Greenway, passing through King and heading south: competing citizen proposals on which street will hold greenway. 7th has heavy traffic, heavier than it’s designed for? I-84 is slated for a pedestrian bridge, to link up to a future greenway. City Council decided not to decide on which street will host the greenway, for now. Some folks have expressed strong concerns that a 7th Ave greenway would push traffic onto 8th/9th Avenues. KNA currently supports a 7th Avenue greenway.


  1. Community Design standards: something the neighborhood might explore in the future?
  1. Partners in transportation design – who might partner with KNA?
  1. Jes Larson with Portland For Everyone (and formerly an organizer of the North/Northeast Neighbors for Housing Affordability, now dormant) will be coming to July’s board meeting to discuss the autumn ballot measure to create revenue for affordable housing.
  1. Vic Remmers project at MLK/Mason in design review. 6 stories, 26 parking spots, ground-floor commercial removed from earlier draft proposal. Should KNA ask for retail to be restored, during current comment period? Or live/work spaces? Architectural considerations look ok.
  1. Residential infill proposals being circulated – public meetings being held. (Will NECN hold educational session on infill zoning?) Evan attended most recent NECN land use & transportation committee (LUTC) meeting. Three proposals for infill being circulated. Changes from current zoning: allowing duplexes/triplexes near commercial corridors; narrower lots. Changes also to fronts of homes (garages), parking minimums. Should KNA have someone from the group advocating for more expansive changes come to a monthly NA meeting?


Visioning: ideas KNA might pursue in the future:

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Learn about residential infill! Portland For Everyone Presentation & Social Hour next Thursday, July 7th


If you’re interested in housing, development, construction, and affordability, you might be excited to join Portland for Everyone’s happy-hour presentation and social hour on Thursday, July 7.

Portland’s affordable housing challenges are increasingly evident, and we must act now.

Due to growing demand, limited supply, and outdated zoning codes, many Portland residents are unable to find affordable housing options that serve their needs – and for many more, this has been the case for far too long. With over a thousand people a month moving to Portland, a trend that may result in the addition of 260,000 residents by 2035, our city is at a crossroads.

David and Madeline will give an overview of upcoming land use and policy decisions that the City of Portland is tasked with making over the next eighteen months, and implications for housing supply and affordability. Currently, the discussion is focused on the Residential Infill Project, tasked with advising the City on what types, sizes, and amounts of housing options Portland will allow in its residential zones. David and Madeline will give an overview of key strategies including “Missing Middle” housing types, reducing allowed home sizes, and other issues currently being discussed in relation to infill housing. They will then share some ways to get involved in the Portland for Everyone campaign as an individual or organization.

Doors: 5:30pm

Presentation: 6:00pm

Discussion, Q&A, & social hour: until 7:30pm

Please register as soon as you can. There are only have 45 spots, and they are going quickly. Don’t worry – if you miss this one, we will be hosting a series of presentations over the duration of the summer, into the fall. You can also invite P4E to come and speak with your neighborhood, community, or workplace.

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July’s Green Streets Clean up – Alberta


Join Portland’s Surfrider Foundation volunteers on the 1st Tuesday of every month for the Northside Green Streets off Alberta! Green Streets is a partnership between the City of Portland and the local Surfrider chapter that aims to keep our streets clean and our local bioswales healthy. Bioswales are those cool mini wetland garden thingies cut into the edge of many streets in town. Our Green Street Stewards, volunteer to clean up litter out of these swales and along the side of the road. This keeps litter out of our local watersheds, and since everything flows downstream, keeps litter out of our oceans. It’s a great way to act locally, and make impacts globally! The Surfrider Crew leader will make this volunteer event a fun night to remember, with some cool tunes and sweet treats. Come join us as we work together to keep our waterways clean.

Tuesday, 07/05/2016
6:30 PM-8:30 PM

NE Alberta
4804 NE 27th St.

Register online here: