Board and Committees


Chair:   term expires May 2020

Co-Chair: Jennifer Bardee-Borquist  term expires May 2020

Secretary: Libby Deal  term expires May 2020

Treasurer: Sarah Moses, elected August, 2018, term expires May 2019

At Large Board Member #1:
term expires May 2020

At Large Board Member #2
Derwin Cunningham, serving until May 2019, elected May 2017.
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At Large Board Member #3
Diego Gioseffi term expires May 2020

At Large Board Member #4

At Large Board Member #5

Land Use Committee:

Libby Deal

Financial Committee:
Sarah Mosesi, Chair
Diego Gioseffi

Liaising Commitee
Ursula Keinbaum, Chair

Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods (NECN) representative:
Jennifer Jardee-Borquist

Representative to the Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods’ Land Use and Transportation Committee: