County Accepting Nominations for Sy Award

From Multnomah County:

Do you know someone who has shown a lifelong commitment to justice, equality, and obtaining access to the halls of power for all citizens? The Multnomah County Citizen Involvement Committee (CIC) is seeking nominees for the 4th Annual “Sy Award.” The award is given in honor of Sy Kornbrodt whose passion and voice on behalf of underserved and underrepresented citizens in Multnomah County inspired the CIC to create it. Nominees can be from the county at large, county staff, and members of county committees and boards.

The Sy Award will be presented to the recipient at the CIC Annual Dinner on June 9th. Past winners include citizen involvement activist Moshe Lenske, Office of Citizen Involvement Director Kathleen Todd, and former IRCO Board President Thach Nguyen.

What was so remarkable about Sy? Sy’s willingness to say what he thought and get things done were legendary during his work at the Multnomah County Division of Corrections; service as a board member for the Multnomah Education Service District, with the Sullivan’s Gulch Neighborhood Association, and with the CIC; as well as his work with other initiatives and organizations. Sy is remembered very fondly by those who had the opportunity to work with him.

The nomination process is easy:
CLICK HERE TO NOMINATE someone who you think should receive the Sy Award. All we need is contact information for you and your nominee, and a brief description of why you think the person is deserving. Paper application forms are also availble by contacting our office. The nomination deadline is Monday, May 30th, 2011 at 5pm.

One thought on “County Accepting Nominations for Sy Award

  1. Fred Stewart

    In 1992 Sy came to a King Neighborhood Meeting. he was running for Mayor against Vera Katz. That year all of the candidates for Mayor visited King Neighborhood and each got 5 minutes to talk about what they wanted to do for the city. No one knew who Sy was, but by the time he left he had everyone scathing their heads and laughing. I am sure Vera walked out of the meeting with more votes, but Sy made more friends.

    Fred Stewart

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