Enrollment Balancing in N/NE Area Schools Forum

From Portland Public Schools:

You are invited to a Community Forum

So far: During October, schools in the Jefferson cluster hosted community meetings to talk about enrollment challenges and opportunities.

Now: PPS is seeking additional input at a community forum on such key issues as how and whether to convert some schools back to K-5 and 6-8 structures.

Why is this important? Schools in your area may be changed, beginning next year, so that all students have access to a full academic program. Changes could include moving boundary lines or special program locations, changing a school’s grade structure, and—only as a last resort—consolidating or closing schools.
Forum Details: School representatives will share information about their programs from 5:30-6 pm. General presentation begins at 6 pm. Refreshments, interpretation services and free child care for children ages 3-12. Child care space is limited. Please call 503-916-3205 to sign-up in advance.

Next Steps: PPS will release several scenarios for change in mid-November and invite feedback into December. Staff will incorporate feedback and present Superintendent Carole Smith with a single plan. The Superintendent will make a proposal to the School Board for a vote this winter with additional opportunities for community input.

Fall 2013: Changes implemented. Current board policy says that in the event of a boundary change, current students and younger siblings can stay at their current school. In the event of a closure, students are assigned to another school.

Stay informed: To read notes from the community meetings and keep up on what’s next, go to www.pps.net, scroll down and click on the “Enrollment Balancing” button on the lower left.
Questions? Call the PPS Enrollment & Transfer Center at 503-916-3205.


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2 thoughts on “Enrollment Balancing in N/NE Area Schools Forum

  1. Eric S

    As a North Portland parent of a large family, I hope these decisions result in a more sustainable and stable system for our families. Seeing great urban families relocate to suburban communities when facing challenging school options is a big reason I helped start Trinity Academy in North Portland. (www.trinityacademyportland.org). We have been able to negotiate life in North Portland by enrolling our children in excellent private schools in Portland such as Holy Redeemer and Trinity Academy but many families cannot afford these options. I will hope for the best in these changes. Whether our children attend private or public schools in Portland we all benefit from stable families anchoring our urban communities.

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